Oil and gas midstream asset company: Energy Transfer LP(ET) (2002)

Energy Transfer LP (NYSE: ETE) was founded in 2002, formerly known as Energy Transfer Equity, LP, which was changed to its current name in October 2018. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, it has 11,768 full-time employees. A natural gas operator mainly engaged in natural gas extraction, transportation pipeline construction and storage facilities, and providing energy-related services in the United States and China.

Energy Transfer Equity LP ETE Logo

Energy Transfer LP (ET):

The only asset of Energy Transfer Partners is a 100% interest in Energy Transfer Operating LP (formerly known as Energy Transfer Partners).

The assets owned by Energy Transfer, LP through its controlling subsidiary Energy Transfer Partners LP (formerly NYSE:ETP) include:

  1. Owns and operates approximately 9,400 miles of natural gas transmission pipelines and three natural gas storage facilities in Texas; and approximately 12,200 miles of interstate natural gas pipelines. Sell ​​natural gas to electric utilities, independent power plants, local distribution companies, industrial end users, and other marketing companies.
  2. The company owns and operates natural gas collection and natural gas liquid (NGL) pipelines, processing plants, processing facilities and air conditioning facilities in Texas, New Mexico, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Louisiana; Texas Natural gas gathering, pipelines, and oil stabilization facilities in the southern state; Ohio’s natural gas collection system; and Pennsylvania’s natural gas producer’s transportation and water supply.
  3. The company also has approximately 4,769 miles of NGL pipelines; NGL and propane fractionation facilities; NGL storage facilities with a storage capacity of approximately 45 million barrels (Bbls); and other NGL storage assets and terminals with a total storage capacity of approximately 11 million barrels.
  4. The company also retails gasoline, sells middle distillates and automotive fuels, as well as crude oil, NGL and refined products; operates convenience stores; and distributes automotive fuels and other petroleum products.
  5. The company also provides natural gas compression services; carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide removal, natural gas cooling, dehydration and British thermal unit management services; and manages coal and natural resources, and sells permanent timber, leases coal-related infrastructure, and collects oil and gas concessions Royalties, and generate a total of 75 megawatts of electricity.

Energy transmission partner companies sell natural gas to utilities, independent power plants, local circulation companies, industrial users, and other natural gas marketing companies. In addition, Energy Transfer is also engaged in gasoline retail (gas stations) and convenience stores in the East Coast and Midwest of the United States. He also collects, purchases, stores, transports and sells crude oil and refined oil.

Energy Transfer also provides customized services for specific users, such as: natural gas compression services, natural gas processing services (desulfurization, denitrification, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide removal, natural gas cooling, dehydration), etc.

For the six months ended September 28, 2015, the energy transmission company has been seeking the acquisition of Williams Cos, a large natural gas pipeline operator (previously the company rejected a hostile acquisition proposal with a scale of approximately US$48 billion; if the transaction is completed , Will become the largest energy M&A transaction in the United States this year), but the acquisition was ultimately rejected.

In October 2018, Energy Transfer Equity acquired Energy Transfer Partners and changed its name to Energy Transfer LP.

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