Oil and gas midstream asset company: Hygo Energy Transition Ltd. (HYGO) (2016)

Hygo Energy Transition Ltd. (NASDAQ:HYGO) was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda. It has 63 full-time employees. By providing consumers around the world with low-cost, environmentally sound energy alternatives, it provides services to underserved markets. Integrated downstream LNG solutions.

Hygo Energy Transition Ltd. (HYGO):

Hygo Energy Transition business includes: 1) existing and under-development marine LNG import terminal network; owning the rights and interests of existing and under-development large-scale power plants supported by high-quality offtakers; downstream distribution of LNG from the company Of the terminals reach Brazil’s main demand centers by sea and land logistics.

In addition, most of Hygo Energy Transition’s historical revenue has come from LNG carriers, and the company hopes to convert these revenues into FSRU (floating storage and regasification unit) to provide services for its terminals. Hygo Energy Transition believes that the “clustered” LNG infrastructure model with its Brazilian terminal as an anchor is a model that can be highly replicated to create a global platform.

Therefore, Hygo Energy Transition is also seeking multiple natural gas power generation and distribution opportunities in other parts of the world, including Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, West Africa and Europe. Hygo Energy Transition seeks to open up underserved markets by introducing liquefied natural gas and natural gas as cheap, clean and transformative alternatives to traditional fossil fuels, as well as attractive and reliable supplements to the growing renewable energy sources.

Hygo Energy Transition Ltd. (HYGO) investment:

Hygo Energy Transition Ltd. (NASDAQ:HYGO) plans to be listed on NASDAQ on 9/25/2020 IPO, issue price $18.00-$21.00, issue 23.1 million shares, raise US$450.5 million, underwriting by Morgan Stanley/Goldman Sachs, Citigroup /Barclays/ BofA Securities/ BTG Pactual/ BTIG/ Credit Suisse/ Itau/ UBS Investment Bank/ XP Investimentos/ Arctic Securities/ DNB Markets/ Fearnley Securities.

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