Oilfield offshore helicopter transportation service and air medical service provider: PHI, Inc. (PHII)

PHI, Inc. (NASDAQ: PHII, NASDAQ: PHIIK) was founded in 1949 and is headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA. It employs 2,477 full-time employees. Together with its subsidiaries, it is a leader in the U.S. and international oil and gas exploration, development and production industries. The customer provides transportation services for offshore facilities (sea helicopter transportation services).


PHI, Inc. (PHII):

PHI, Inc. is divided into 3 departments to operate : Oil and Gas (oil and gas), Air Medical (air medical) and Technical Services (technical services).

1. Oil and Gas -provide helicopter services, mainly for integrated and independent oil and gas exploration and production companies, and other offshore oil service companies, for daily transportation of personnel and equipment, personnel during medical and safety emergencies Transport and evacuate people during hurricane threats and other severe weather conditions.

2. Air Medical -provides air medical transportation services to hospitals and emergency services in 18 states.

3. Technical Services ——Provide helicopter maintenance and overhaul services for flight operations customers, and operate aircraft for the National Science Foundation in Antarctica. It also provides software as a service to certain oil and gas customers for passenger registration and compliance verification.

As of December 31, 2017, PHI owned or operated 245 aircraft, of which 133 specialized in oil and gas business, 106 specialized in air medical business, and 6 specialized in technical service business.

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