One of the four largest grain merchants in the world: Cargill, Inc.

Cargill, Inc. of the United States is one of the world’s four largest grain merchants with ADM , Bunge , and Louis Dreyfus . It is also one of the world’s largest privately held companies ( non-listed companies ) and the largest animal nutrition and agricultural products. The manufacturer, headquartered in Minnesota, USA, was founded by Willam Wallace Cargill in 1865.

After 150 years of operation, Cargill has become a multinational professional company specializing in commodity trading, processing, transportation and risk management. It is already a global trading, processing and sales company, with its business scope covering agricultural products, food, financial and industrial products and services . Cargill has more than 152,000 employees in 67 countries.


American Cargill History (Chinese section):

  • Headquartered in Minnesota, USA, Cargill was founded in 1865. The company was founded in 1965 and is a world-renowned supplier of food, agricultural products and services
  • Cargill started trade with China shortly after President Nixon’s visit to China in 1972 (with a group of Louis Dreyfus); shortly after the publication of the Sino-US Joint Communiqué in 1972, Cargill entered into trade cooperation with China.
  • Cargill entered Hong Kong in 1984 to trade grain and protein products
  • In 1988, Cargill established the first joint venture oilseed crushing plant in Shandong
  • Cargill Animal Nutrition started to provide farmer training for farmers in 1992
  • Cargill established its first feed factory in Jiaxing, Zhejiang in 1997
  • In 2005, Cargill became one of the first foreign-funded agricultural products enterprises in China to obtain domestic agency rights.
  • In 2013, Cargill’s world’s first fructose factory supplied through pipeline transportation was put into operation in Luohe, Henan
  • In the 2014 fiscal year, Cargill’s sales and other income was US$134.9 billion, and the profit from continuing operations was US$1.87 billion.

American Cargill History (World section, not translated one by one, you can leave a message if you don’t understand)

Unit: millions of dollars



Percentage change

Sales and other income




Net profit from continuing operations




Operating cash flow




It currently sells grains, oilseeds, sugar, cotton, fruit juice, meat, etc. in China, while buying steel, apple juice and food ingredients from China. Today, Cargill China has become an integral part of Cargrill, with more than 9,000 employees and 68 wholly-owned subsidiaries and joint ventures.

Reference website:

Cargill Global: Cargill’s official website

US Stocks Encyclopedia: US Stocks Encyclopedia

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