One of the four largest grain merchants in the world: Louis Dreyfus Company, France

Louis Dreyfus Company is not a listed company in the United States. The reason for writing this article is because I think that the four major grain merchants should be sent out for those who want to know about them to read and use (Four major grain merchants: American ADM , Bunge of the United States, Cargill of the United States & Louis Dreyfus of France , collectively referred to as ABCD).

louis dreyfus

Information of Louis Dreyfus Company:

American ADM (Archer Daniels Midland Company), American Bunge (Bunge), American Cargill (Cargill, a private equity company), and French Louis Dreyfus (Louis Dreyfus) are collectively called the world’s four largest grain merchants and are also well-known ABCD !

Louis Dreyfus (Louis Dreyfus) was created by Frenchman Leopold Louis Dreyfus in 1851 and headquartered in Paris, France, it is a comprehensive multinational group. Louis Dreyfus created and developed the European grain export trade, and is now the world’s third and France’s number one grain exporter and the world’s number one grain exporter to Russia.

For more than one hundred and fifty years, the business of the Louis Dreyfus Group has expanded to a very wide range of areas, communicating with influential European politicians. The Bank of Louis Dreyfus, established later, is the fifth largest bank in France. With establishments in many countries and regions, the company participates in a variety of business activities around the world, with annual sales exceeding US$20 billion.

The headquarters in Paris coordinates and plans the business activities of the entire group through management and formulation of company development strategies.

Currently, Louis Dreyfus has branches all over the world. Mainly located in Buenos Aires, London, Paris, Sao Paulo, Wilton and Memphis in the United States.

Louis Dreyfus trade scope:

The Louis Dreyfus Group is engaged in the trading of grains, oils, fats, feeds, rice, meat, sugar, coffee, cotton, natural and man-made fibers, electricity, natural gas, petroleum and petroleum products, as well as government bonds and financial securities businesses worldwide . The Louis Dreyfus Group has branches all over the world, providing great convenience and advantages for cross-regional procurement and sales.

Business history of Louis Dreyfus China:

  • In 1972, US President Richard Nixon visited China. As part of the trade agreement, Louis Dreyfus made his first business in China in 1973 and also became the first country to export cotton to China.
  • Louis Dreyfus established its first company in China in 1994 in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.
  • A representative office was established in Beijing in 1996, with only seven employees at that time. The initial business of the representative office was to assist the grain and oil business of Louis Dreyfus. Later, it expanded to cotton and sugar and other agricultural products in 2000, further expanding the stage of Louis Dreyfus in China.
  • Louis Dreyfus Beijing Trading Co., Ltd. was established in August 2005 and became the first wholly foreign-owned company (WFOE) with agricultural trading rights, with 68 employees. .
  • In 2007, the establishment of Louis Dreyfus Bazhou Feed Protein Co., Ltd.-Oil Press Factory promoted the investment of Louis Dreyfus in China.
  • In 2008, the domestic trade volume reached 6 billion RMB. In addition, Louis Dreyfus Beijing also assisted in the realization of 200 billion RMB import and export trade between Chinese companies and other areas of Louis Dreyfus.
  • In 2009, Louis Dreyfus had 348 employees, from New Zealand to Finland, from 9 different countries. And Chinese employees are also located in 24 provinces from Shanghai to Xinjiang.

Louis Dreyfus development direction:

The latest business activity of Louis Dreyfus is to engage in the production and operation of global activated fuel, including manufacturing and trading ethanol produced through fermentation or synthesis. The main raw materials used to produce fermented ethanol are sucrose and grains and other crops. It owns two huge fermentative ethanol plants in Brazil. Through offices in London and other places, Louis Dreyfus is actively engaged in the transaction of ethanol from production to destination, as well as the development of the ethanol market, with the goal of making the ethanol market global.

Investment of Louis Dreyfus Company:

Private company!

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