One of the largest banks in Chile: Banco Santander-Chile (BSAC) (1977)

Banco Santander-Chile (NYSE: BSAC) was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Santiago, Chile. It has 11,229 full-time employees and provides commercial and retail banking services in Chile.

Banco Santander Chile Logo

Banco Santander-Chile (BSAC):

Banco Santander-Chile is the Spanish Banco Santander Chile branch to calculate loans and deposits, the largest bank by assets in Chile (market value less than Banco de Chile ), offers banking products and services in Chile.

As of December 31, 2016, the Chilean Bank of Santander had 423 branches, including: 274 Santander brand banks, 39 Santander Banefe brand banks, 53 Select brand banks, 8 specialized middle market branches, and 49 auxiliary and payment center branches and 1,295 ATMs.

Banco Santander-Chile provides customers with commercial and retail banking services, including Mexican pesos and other foreign currency loans, retail banking services, including mortgage financing, for commercial transactions, trade, foreign exchange forward contracts and credit facilities.

In addition to traditional banking services, Chilean Santander Bank also provides financial services, including: financial leasing, financial advisory services, mutual fund management, securities brokerage, insurance brokerage and investment management.

Banco Santander-Chile customers are mainly divided into three parts: retail, mid-market and global banks and markets.

Banco Santander-Chile (BSAC) investment:

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