One of the world’s largest third-party logistics companies: CH Robinson Worldwide (CHRW) (1905)

CH Robinson Worldwide Inc. (NASDAQ: CHRW) was founded in 1905 and is headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA, with 15,338 full-time employees. It is one of the hottest third-party logistics companies in North America and the largest in the world. One of the third-party logistics companies.

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CH Robinson Worldwide (CHRW):

CH Robinson Global Logistics is a Fortune 500 company in the United States, providing multimodal transport services and third-party logistics services. The company provides freight, transportation management, brokerage and warehousing. It provides full-vehicle freight, less than full-vehicle freight, air, intermodal and sea freight.

CH Robinson Global Logistics is the world’s largest third-party logistics company. Through its office network in North America, South America and Europe, it provides global multi-mode transportation services and logistics solutions. CH Robinson Worldwide has the only transportation network with the largest automobile transportation capacity in the United States through the contract with the automobile transportation company.

Robinson’s revenue mainly comes from providing transportation and logistics services to suppliers, consulting services to customers, and payment services. Robinson does not own trucks. It efficiently arranges shipments for customers by relying on a national transportation network of 78,000 transporters. It is the “transportation coordinator” between truck and truck owners.

Robinson Global Logistics operates through two divisions, North American Surface Transportation and Global Forwarding. The company provides:

  1. Transportation and logistics services, such as truck loading and unloading; less-than-carload transportation, including the transportation of single or multiple pallets; multimodal transportation, including services that transport goods in trailers or containers by a combination of truck and rail; and non-vessel ocean co-carriers Or freight forwarding services, as well as organizing air transportation and providing door-to-door services.
  2. Provide customized brokerage services; and other logistics services, including fee management, warehousing, small parcels and other services. It has contractual relationships with approximately 78,000 transportation companies, including automobile transportation companies, railways, and air and ocean transportation companies.
  3. Engaged in the trading of fresh produce, including fresh fruits, vegetables and other perishable items produced under the name Robinson Fresh.
  4. Provide transportation management services or hosting (TMS); and other ground transportation services throughout Europe.

CH Robinson Global Logistics provides fresh produce to grocery retailers, restaurants, agricultural product wholesalers and food service distributors through an independent network of agricultural produce growers and suppliers.

CH Robinson Worldwide (CHRW) history:

  • On April 11, 1905, Charles Henry Robinson and the Nash Finch brothers founded CH Robinson Company in North Dakota, Minnesota;
  • With the rapid development of the company in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Texas, CH Robinson Company became the procurement branch of Nash Finch Company;
  • In the 1940s, CH Robinson Co. split into two companies-CH Robinson Co. and CH Robinson, Inc.;
  • In the 1960s, CH Robinson Co. and CH Robinson, Inc. uniformly used CH Robinson Co. to conduct business. Nash Finch held 25% of the shares and CH Robinson Co. employees held the rest;
  • In 1976, Nash Finch sold its shares. So far, 100% of the shares are held by CH Robinson Co. employees;
  • In 1979, CH Robinson began to use IBM ‘s mainframe technology;
  • In 1997, CH Robinson Co. changed its name to CH Robinson Worldwide, Inc.. In the same year, CH Robinson Global Logistics was IPO and listed on NASDAQ, stock code: CHRW;
  • In 1989, CH Robinson set up an office in Monterrey, Mexico and started a globalization strategy;
  • In 1992, CH Robinson Global Logistics acquired CS Greene International;
  • In 1993, CH Robinson purchased 30% of the shares of French automobile transportation company Transeco, and then successively acquired all the shares of the company;
  • In the next 5 years, CH Robinson Global Logistics Company successively acquired Daystar International, FoodSource, Tropicana ® , Motts ® , Glory ® , Welch’s ®, etc.;
  • In 1999, CH Robinson acquired Chicago American Backhaulers, Inc. for US$136 million, and in the same year, it acquired Minnesota Trans-Consolidated Inc.;
  • In the late 1990s, CH Robinson Global Logistics continued to expand its global operations and successively acquired: Preferred Translocation Systems, Argentine Comeexter Group, Western European transportation company Norminter, New York Vertex Transportation Inc., Florida’s largest third-party logistics provider Smith Terminal International Services, German international freight logistics provider Frank M. Viet GmbH Internationale Spedition, China Dalian Decheng Shipping Agency Co., FoodSource Procurement LLC, Apreo Logistics SA and other major logistics providers in Europe, India, China and North America;
  • In 2012, CH Robinson acquired Phoenix International for $635 million, doubling its shipping capacity;
  • In 2012, CH Robinson Global Logistics acquired the Polish transportation company Apreo Logisitics SA, which is engaged in land, sea and air transportation in Europe;
  • As of the end of 2014, CH Robinson Global Logistics has handled 14.3 million shipments and cooperated with more than 46,000 customers through the company’s 281 branches, covering North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia;
  • In 2015, in order to integrate shipping and logistics services with the global e-commerce market and expand its opportunities in the global transportation market, CH Robinson acquired the privately-owned online logistics brokerage Freightquote that provides comparisons of delivery speeds.
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