Online brokerage company: Hongda Wealth Management (De Ameri Securities) TD Ameritrade (AMTD) (1971)

Hongda Financial (or translated as: TD American Trading Company, American Trading Holding Company, American Trading Company, Deutsche Ameri Securities) TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation (NYSE: AMTD) was established in 1971 and is headquartered in Nebraska Omaha, with 9,056 full-time employees, is an online securities dealer in the United States and a market leader in online discount brokerage services (similar to Interactive Brokers &  First Securities, etc., as well as domestic Tiger Securities , Webull Securities , Xueying Securities, etc., extended: TD Ameritrade Securities Account Opening Guide ).


On November 25, 2019, Charles Schwab , one of the largest securities firms in the United States , announced the acquisition of TD Ameritrade for US$26 billion. The transaction is expected to be completed in the second half of 2020.

TD Ameritrade

Hongda Wealth Management (Deutsche Ameritrade Securities) TD Ameritrade (AMTD):

TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation provides securities brokerage and related technical financial services for retail investors and traders, as well as independent registered investment advisors (RIA) in the United States.

TD Ameritrade provides transaction execution, clearing and margin loan services; futures and foreign exchange transaction execution services; and trustees of retirement plans and other escrow accounts, custody and other trust-related services, as well as cash clearing and deposit account products through third-party relationships.

TD Ameritrade provides retail brokerage services for common stocks and preferred stocks; exchange-traded funds (ETF); options; futures; foreign exchange; mutual funds; fixed-income products; fixed-income securities, closed-end funds and preferred stocks Grade issuance; margin loans; cash management services; and annuities.

TD Ameritrade operates, an online platform for self-directed retail investors; thinkorswim, a desktop platform for traders; and TD Ameritrade Mobile, which allows mobile investors and traders to trade and monitor transactions from web-enabled Mobile device account.

TD Ameritrade also provides investor education services for stocks, options, income investments and portfolio management; AdvisorDirect, investor’s country recommendation service; real-time market news, insights and investor education services; provides self-directed brokerage services for corporate employees .

TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation mainly provides services via the Internet, retail branch networks, mobile trading applications, interactive voice response and registered representatives over the phone.

TD Ameritrade’s competitors include Interactive Brokers , Charles Schwab, etc.

HTC Wealth Management (TD Ameritrade Securities) TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation (AMTD) history:

  • The history of TD Ameritrade can be traced back to a small investment banking company-First Omaha Securities, Inc.;
  • In 1983, Ameritrade Clearing Inc. was established as a clearing broker;
  • In 1987, TransTerra Company became the holding company of Ameritrade and the company was renamed TransTerra Company;
  • In 1995, TransTerra Company acquired K. Aufhauser & Company, Inc. and its subsidiary WealthWeb, the first company to provide online securities trading (first order in August 1994);
  • In May 1996, TransTerra founded a pure online brokerage company-eBroker;
  • In November 1996, TransTerra Company was renamed Ameritrade Holding Corporation;
  • In March 1997, Ameritrade became a publicly traded company with an IPO opening price of $15;
  • In August 1999, Accutrade under Ameritrade acquired The RJ Forbes Group, Inc.;
  • In November 2000, Ameritrade established Freetrade to provide commission-free stock trading, which was later replaced by Ameritrade Izone at $5/order;
  • In February 2001, Ameritrade acquired TradeCast;
  • In September 2001, Ameritrade acquired National Discount Brokers Corporation;
  • In 2002, Ameritrade merged with Datek Online Holdings Corporation and changed the commission collection rules from $8/order to $10.22/order, and limit single stop loss orders were $12/order;
  • In June 2003, Ameritrade purchased and its customers reached 3 million;
  • In January 2004, Ameritrade completed the acquisition of Bidwell and Company;
  • In February 2004, Ameritrade acquired BrokerageAmerica;
  • In May 2004, Ameritrade acquired Investex;
  • In October 2004, Ameritrade acquired JB Oxford and Company;
  • On January 24, 2006, Ameritrade Holding Corporation acquired TD Waterhouse USA from TD Bank Financial Group, and the company was renamed TD Ameritrade;
  • In August 2007, Ameritrade tried to acquire E*TRADE but failed;
  • On January 7, 2009, TD Ameritrade acquired Thinkorswim Group Inc. (formerly NASDAQ: SWIM) for approximately US$606 million, including its INVESTools Investor Education division;
  • In September 2017, TD Ameritrade acquired Scottrade ;
  • In April 2018, TD Ameritrade and Havas inserted the first advertisement in the Bitcoin blockchain;
  • On October 1, 2019 , AMTD plummeted by more than 20% as its main competitor Charles Schwab announced no commission.
  • On October 2, 2019, TD Ameritrade announced that starting from October 3, it will implement commission-free trading of stocks, ETFs and options in the United States and Canada (options will still be charged 0.65 per contract, but commissions are free).
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