Online financial information service provider: FactSet Research Systems (FDS) (1978)

FactSet Research Systems Inc. (NYSE:FDS, NASDAQ:FDS) was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA. It has 10,065 full-time employees. It is a financial information service provider, securities trader, research analyst Experts, property rights research experts and investment bankers provide global economic and financial information, combined with an online database, to provide users with multi-company comparisons, industry analysis, investment analysis, risk assessment, investment optimization and real-time news quotations, and Thomson Reuters Similar (but not for individual investors).

FactSet Research Systems Logo

FactSet Research Systems (FDS):

Fraser Research Systems is a financial data and software company that provides financial information and related analysis software for investment professionals. FactSet provides financial data and analysis for analysts, portfolio managers, and investment bankers working in international financial institutions. The company’s sales and business services do not include individual investors .

FactSet has been listed in Forbes’s “200 Best Small-scale Companies” list for 13 consecutive years. In 2009, FactSet’s ranking jumped 30 places to 28th. In addition, FactSet was also listed in Forbes’s “American 100 Best Mid-Sized Companies” list. “Asset Stocks” ranked 20th. In 2011, FactSet was named “100 Best Companies to Work for” for the third time by Fortune (magazine), and Business Weekly also selected it as the “Best Place to Start Your Business” First, FactSet has been rated by as the “50 Best Places for Employment” for two consecutive years, and its 2010 ranking is 17th.

The business focus of Fraser Research Systems is mainly on technology and customer service. In addition to integrating hundreds of disparate databases, this company also develops and continuously refines its own software products. FactSet provides customers with nearby and dedicated consultants, 24-hour telephone support, and free training.

Some FactSet’s competitors include Bloomberg News (Bloomberg LP), Reuters (Thomson Reuters), as well as S & P Capital IQ.

On September 14, 2009, FactSet merged its existing “DIRECTIONS”, “Marquee”, and “IBCentral” systems to form a new “FactSet”. This new “FactSet” integrates data and analysis into one interface. Before that, they were scattered on different application software.

FactSet combines hundreds of databases provided by different vendors. Its application software series include: company analysis, multi-company comparisons, industry analysis, company screening, portfolio analysis, predictive risk measurements, alpha testing, portfolio optimization and simulation, Real-time news and quotes, etc., as well as tools for valuation and analysis of fixed income securities and investment portfolios. FactSet can also be used via wireless devices and is compatible with Microsoft Office software.

FactSet Research Systems proprietary data content

  • FactSet Aggregates
  • FactSet Events and Transcripts
  • FactSet Estimates
  • FactSet Economics
  • FactSet Embargoed Research
  • FactSet Financial Entities
  • FactSet Fixed Income
  • FactSet Flashwire News
  • FactSet Fundamentals
  • FactSet Global Filings
  • FactSet Institutional Ownership News
  • FactSet IPO
  • FactSet MergerMetrics
  • FactSet Mergerstat Global
  • FactSet Mutual Funds
  • FactSet New Issues
  • FactSet Ownership
  • FactSet People
  • FactSet Private Company
  • FactSet Private Equity & Venture Capital
  • FactSet Research Connect
  • FactSet SharkRepellent
  • FactSet SharkWatch

FactSet Research Systems Service

  • Consultation: Each client company will be assigned a consultant who is familiar with the needs of the client and its business procedures. And customers can also call for consultation services.
  • Training: FactSet holds free training seminars in training centers in New York, Boston, Chicago, London, Paris, and Tokyo. Company consultants can also arrange private training courses in the customer’s office.
  • Security: FactSet uses physical, electronic, and procedural protection measures to deal with security and business continuity risks.
  • Multiple access points: Every FactSet customer can use its services through company desktop computers, laptops, home computers, and wireless devices.

Recent history of FactSet Research Systems:

  • In June 2008, FactSet completed the acquisition of Thomson Reuters WorldScope database;
  • In June 2010, FactSet acquired Market Metrics;
  • In June 2012, FactSet acquired StreetAccount;
  • In 2013, FactSet acquired Revere Data and established FactSet Revere;
  • On February 9, 2015, FactSet acquired Code Red Inc, a leading provider of research management technology in the financial sector;
  • On October 16, 2015, FactSet completed the acquisition of Portware, LLC, a leading multi-asset execution management system (Execution Management System, EMS) supplier for US$265 million.
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