Online shopping cashback/rebate platform: Ominto, Inc. (OMNT)

Ominto, Inc. (NASDAQ:OMNT) was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. It has 30 full-time employees. It is a global e-commerce company that provides online shopping rebates through its main shopping platform and affiliated partner program websites. Cash Back and travel discounts. Its core asset is, an online shopping cashback platform .


Ominto, Inc. (OMNT):

Ominto is a growing company with global operations in the e-commerce, marketing and entertainment industries. The company owns or invests in strategic entities that provide value to its global customer base.

Ominto is a leader in global online shopping cashback in many regions of the world. Its core business is the global consumer Cash Back e-commerce digital (similar to the one we introduced ). Through or partner websites supported by, the company enables consumers to shop in their favorite online stores, enjoy the best coupons and discounts, and earn cash every time they shop. Return.

Ominto is building a larger layout than a single e-commerce platform. Ominto is developing and acquiring a series of unique marketing channels to unleash the power of global online shopping, provide important value to the company’s current huge global customer base, and provide Ominto and its cooperation Partners provide an effective way to acquire new customers.

The platform provides cash rebates for various branded stores and travel companies, and provides cash rebates for online shopping for consumers in about 120 countries. The Ominto Partner Program provides businesses and non-profit organizations with a white-labeled version of the shopping and travel platform (ie, a website program similar to ), providing them with a professional and reliable network presence to build brands with their members and customers loyalty.

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