Online used car and new car dealer: AutoWeb, Inc. (AUTO) (1995)

AutoWeb, Inc. (NASDAQ: AUTO) was founded in 1995, formerly known as Autobytel Inc., changed to its current name in October 2017, and was formerly named Inc., headquartered in Irvine, California, USA , With 228 full-time employees, is an automobile sales and service company engaged in online sales of used cars and new cars in the United States.


AutoWeb, Inc. (AUTO):

Autobytel Inc. is a car online service company that provides car dealers and manufacturers, consumers’ purchasing needs and marketing resources, and provides consumers with new and used vehicle information and purchase services through the website. Autobytel launched Autobytel in 1995. com, and cooperate with sites such as and

Autobytel Inc. helps automobile retailers, dealers and manufacturers bring their products to the market and sell new and used cars to consumers through its resources.

AutoWeb, Inc.’s products include:

  • New Car Online Lead: Consumers (potential buyers) conduct inquiries, performance consultations and model reservations through its online program;
  • Second-hand car online Lead: allows consumers to find second-hand cars according to their needs;
  • Financial Lead Services: Provide consumers with auto financing opportunities, as well as other dealerships or financial institutions.

The AutoWeb, Inc. website includes:

  • Provide consumers with information and tools to help them make decisions about buying cars;
  • A used car search engine that allows consumers to directly view inventory used cars;
  • Acquired at the end of 2013, it is an automobile advertising company.

AutoWeb, Inc.’s technologies include:

  1. iControl by Autobytel: Let dealers filter and control vehicle search for leads through various options;
  2. WebLeads+: When consumers visit the dealer’s website, provide a variety of coupon options;
  3. Email Manager: However, distributors can follow up the follow-up services according to the leads submitted by consumers;
  4. Lead Call: Hotline to ensure that the dealer has contacted the consumer.
  5. Payment Pro: Conversion rate statistics tool;
  6. Mobile products and services: helping dealers and car buyers communicate between smartphones and tablets;
  7. SaleMove products and services: Enable car dealers and manufacturers to interact with customers through live video, audio, text-based chat or phone calls, and sell fixed patch ads through their website.
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