Payment Solution: Bottomline Technologies (de), Inc. (EPAY) (1989)

Bottomline Technologies (de), Inc. (NASDAQ:EPAY) was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It has 2,000 full-time employees and provides services for banking, financial services, insurance, healthcare, technology, retail, and communications. Education, media, manufacturing and government industries provide various (payment) solutions.

Bottomline Technologies

Bottomline Technologies (de), Inc. (EPAY):

Bottomline Technologies is at the forefront of making complex business payments simple, smart and safe. The company provides assistance to thousands of companies in 92 countries/regions around the world.

Bottomline Technologies operates through 4 departments: Cloud Solutions, Banking Solutions, Payments and Documents, and Other.

Bottomline Technologies’ products and services include the SaaS solution Paymode-X, which enables companies to transition from the traditional invoice to payment process, thereby maximizing cost savings, improving efficiency and security; and for bank and company risk management Financial messaging solutions.

Bottomline Technologies also provides a Digital Banking Intelligent Engagement platform that enables banks to interact with customers; legal expenditure management solutions and services, integrated with claims management, time and billing systems to automate the legal invoice management process , And provide insight into various areas of the company’s external legal expenditures.

In addition, Bottomline Technologies also provides online fraud and risk management solutions to monitor, replay and analyze user behavior and payment transactions to flag and block suspicious activities in real time; payment automation solutions that can generate various domestic and international payment instructions and Consolidated bank cash activity reports; and healthcare solutions, including electronic signatures and mobile documents.

Furthermore, Bottomline Technologies provides consulting, implementation and training services.

Bottom line technology companies provide services to customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East.

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