Payment technology company: Priority Technology Holdings, Inc. (PRTH)

Priority Technology Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:PRTH) was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, with 553 full-time employees. It is a company that provides commercial acquiring and commercial payment solutions in the United States.

Priority Technology Holdings

Priority Technology Holdings, Inc. (PRTH):

To create a truly unique business, you need to run it in a different way from your competitors. Priority Technology Holdings has established (and continues to refine and improve) a culture that places great emphasis on innovation, which is reflected in its proprietary technology and business practices. The company also emphasizes creating an environment of collaboration and cross-assistance between business departments and teams, all of which will strengthen the overall business. Priority Technology Holdings encourages its team to bring new ideas-usually ideas from outside the payment field, but with high applicability or potential for positive impact. This willingness to think outside the payment box makes Priority Technology Holdings the sixth largest non-bank acquirer in the United States.

Priority Technology Holdings, Inc. is divided into two divisions to operate: Consumer Payments (consumer payment) and Commercial Payments and Managed Services (commercial payment and managed services).

Priority Technology Holdings provides MX product suites, including MX ISO/Agent and VIMAS distributor technology systems, and MX Merchant products, providing distributors and merchant customers with a customizable set of business applications to manage key business functions and revenue performance .

Priority Technology Holdings also provides CPX, a turnkey commercial payment platform, including CPX Access, CPX Gateway, CPX Commercial Acceptance and CPX Payments solutions, which can automate the AP payment process between buyers and suppliers to improve financial deductions and Automatic payment of supplier payments.

In addition, Priority Technology Holdings also provides planning and management services and a set of integrated automatic payment solutions for various financial institutions and bank card networks.

Priority Technology holding company serves small and medium enterprises, enterprises and distribution partners, including retail and wholesale independent sales organizations, financial institutions and independent software vendors.

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