Personal medical insurance plan company: Benefytt Technologies, Inc. (BFYT)

Benefytt Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: BFYT) was founded in 2008, formerly known as Health Insurance Innovations, Inc. (formerly NASDAQ: HIIQ), changed to its current name in March 2020, and is headquartered in Florida, USA Tampa, with 196 full-time employees, is a cloud-based technology platform and a distributor company of personal/family health insurance plans and supplementary products.

Benefytt Technologies

Benefytt Technologies, Inc. (BFYT):

Health Insurance Innovations is a market-leading cloud-based technology platform and distributor of innovative health insurance products that can meet the needs of consumers. HIIQ assists in the development of insurance products through its relationships with leading insurance companies, and provides access to and purchases of these products through a nationwide third-party licensed insurance agent, call center network, and unique online functions.

As the pioneer of the “Quote, Buy, and Print” model of online insurance sales, Health Insurance Innovations has established long-term cooperative relationships with major insurance underwriters and through direct electronic communications with operators The application process is simplified, enabling authorized agents to provide consumers with convenient insurance products and lifestyles.

Health Insurance Innovations is a technology platform focusing on health and life insurance, critical illness, telemedicine, dental and other related products. The company is listed on the Nasdaq, led by President and CEO Gavin Southwell, and is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. The company uses a cloud-based platform to provide licensed agents with products provided by insurance companies that provide actual coverage to registered customers. The company provides billing and information services for customers and agents.

Health Insurance Innovations provides short-term medical plans that provide three months of medical insurance, including various deductibles and deductibles; health benefits insurance plans that provide daily cash benefits for hospital treatment and doctor’s office visits, as well as accidental injuries and deaths Benefits; and supplementary insurance products, including pharmacy benefit cards, dental plans, vision plans, cancer/critical illness plans, deductibles and gap protection plans, and life insurance policies.

The Health Insurance Innovation Company designs and builds personal and family health insurance plans and supplementary products together with insurance companies and discount benefit providers; and sells them to individuals through a network of distributors.

Benefytt Technologies, Inc. (BFYT) Historical:

Health Insurance Innovation Company was originally operated by Health Plan Intermediaries, LLC. In 2011, HII agreed to purchase the shares of Health Plan Intermediaries, LLC. held by Naylor Group Partners, LLC.

In March 2015, Michael Hershberger, senior vice president of finance and business development, was appointed as interim chief financial officer, chief financial officer and chief accounting officer.

In 2016, Gavin Southwell was appointed as CEO and President.

On March 6, 2020, Health Insurance Innovations officially changed its name to Benefytt Technologies, Inc.

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