Plastic film and aluminum alloy company: Tredegar Corp (TG) (1989)

Tredegar Corporation (NYSE:TG) was founded in 1989 by spin-off of its aluminum, plastics and energy businesses from Ethyl Corporation. It is headquartered in Richmond , Virginia, USA . It has more than 2,800 full-time employees (2016). It is a plastic film and aluminum Global manufacturer of alloy profiles.

Tredegar Corporation TG Logo

Tredegar Corporation (TG):

Tritiga, through its subsidiaries, is mainly engaged in the global production and sales of plastic films and aluminum alloy profiles. Tredegar Corporation’s business is divided into two parts: film products and aluminum alloy profiles.

  1. Film products business : Provide personal care materials, such as porous films and laminating materials, which are used in feminine hygiene products, baby diapers, and adult diapers. The sales brands are SoftQuilt, ComfortQuilt, ComfortAire, ComfortFeel, SoftAire, FreshFeel; they are breathable and embossed , Elastic material baby diapers, adult diapers, feminine hygiene products, the sales brands are ExtraFlex, FabriFlex, StretchTab, FlexAire, FlexFeel; baby diapers, adult diapers with an absorbent transfer surface, the sales brands are AquiDry, AquiDry Plus. The company also provides food/industrial flexible packaging films, the sales brands are Terphane, Sealphane; single-layer/multilayer surface protection film products, the sales brands are UltraMask, ForceField, ForceField, PEARL; various types of polyethylene and polypropylene Outer packaging film, used in toilet paper, wet wipes, and industrial applications, such as adhesive tape, automobile coating. In addition, this business also develops and produces micro-structured optical films, which are used in LED and fluorescent lighting fields.
  2. Aluminum alloy profile business : Provide soft alloy and medium-strength aluminum alloy profiles, which are mainly used in construction, automobiles, consumer durables, mechanical equipment, electrical appliances, and provide manufacturers and distributors of aluminum alloy profiles for grinding, anodizing, and painting , Processing and other businesses.
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