Plastic Packaging & Engineering Materials Company: Berry Global Group, Inc. (BERY) (1967)

Berry Global Group, Inc. (NYSE:BERY) was founded in 1967, formerly known as Berry Plastics Group, Inc., changed to its current name in April 2017, and headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, USA, with 21,000 full-time employees , Is a company engaged in the production and sales of plastic consumer product packaging and engineering materials in North America and internationally.

Berry Plastics Group BERY Logo

Berry Plastics Group (BERY):

Berry Global Group, Inc. manufactures and sells plastic consumer packaging products and products in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Malaysia, India, China and the Netherlands. Engineering Materials.

Berry Global Group is divided into 3 departments to operate: Health, Hygiene & Specialties (health, hygiene and professional products); Consumer Packaging (consumer product packaging); and Engineered Materials (engineered materials).

  1. Provide rigid packaging products, including containers;
  2. Food service items, including thermoformed polypropylene and injection molded plastic beverage cups;
  3. Closures and caps; bottles and prescription drug containers, such as polyethylene and polyethylene terephthalate bottles, and decorative bottles; and tubes;
  4. The company also provides engineering materials, such as heat shrinkable coatings, single-layer and multi-layer sleeves, pipeline anticorrosive tape, cathodic anticorrosive anode systems, viscoelastic, and epoxy coatings;
  5. Cloth and foil, bonding and lamination, flame retardant, vinyl coating and sealing, electrical appliances, double-sided cloth, masking, embedded installation, OEM;
  6. Provide National, Nashua and Polyken brand medical and special tapes;
  7. Provide Ruffies and Film-Gard brand covers, retail garbage bags, and PVC film;
  8. Provide can coatings of Big City, Hospi-Tuff, Plas-Tuff, Rhino-X and Steel-Flex brands;
  9. Provide stretch and shrink films of MaxTech, PalleTech and OptiMil brands;
  10. Provide flexible packaging products, including personal care films; food and consumer products films, and barrier films; and conversion films, such as coating and laminate products, single-layer co-extruded films, composite films, and carpet underlays for solar panel construction films Material composite film.

Berry Plastics Group (BERY) History:

  • In 1967, Imperial Plastics was founded as the predecessor of Berry Plastics;
  • Next, Berry Plastics launched a large acquisition, including: Mammoth Containers, Sterling Products, Tri-Plas, Alpha Products, PackerWare, Venture Packaging, Virginia Design Packaging, Container Industries, Knight Engineering and Plastics, Cardinal Packaging, Poly-Seal, Landis Plastics, Euromex Plastics SA de CV, Kerr Group, Covalence Specialty Materials (formerly Tyco Plastics & Adhesives), Rollpak, Captive Plastics, MAC Closures, the latest acquisition is Superfos and the Pliant Corporation;
  • In 2003, Berry Plastics Corp. acquired Landis Plastics, Inc.;
  • In September 2011, Berry Plastics acquired 100% equity of Rexam SBC for US$351 million;
  • In September 2015, Berry Plastics announced the acquisition of Charlotte for US$2.45 billion. After the completion of the acquisition, Berry Plastics’ annual revenue will reach US$7.2 billion.
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