Power equipment company: Stabilis Energy, Inc. (SLNG) (1946)

Stabilis Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: SLNG) was founded in 1946, formerly known as American Electric Technologies, Inc. (formerly NASDAQ: AETI), headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, with 246 full-time employees. A power equipment company that provides power transmission solutions in the United States and internationally .


Stabilis Energy, Inc. (SLNG):

Stabilis Energy is a company that provides power transmission infrastructure construction for industrial companies, office buildings, hospitals, schools and other buildings. American Electric Technologies’ business is divided into two parts: technical products and services (TP&S) and power and instrument engineering (E&I).

  1. TP&S Department: Provide power distribution, power conversion and automation control systems.
  2. E&I Department: Provide electrical and instrument construction and installation services for the onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling industries, as well as other commercial and industrial markets.

Stabilis Energy provides power distribution, power conversion, and automation and control systems to distribute and control the current from power sources to mechanical equipment.

Stabilis Energy’s power distribution products include medium and low voltage switchgear, medium voltage arc resistant switchgear, medium and low voltage motor control center, busbar, fuse and switch products, and other related power distribution equipment; power conversion solutions include AC variable frequency drive systems , Analog system and digital silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) products.

Stabilis Energy provides automation and control solutions for power management and control in customer applications; power distribution centers for housing power distribution and conversion products; variable frequency drives and SCR rooms for land drilling; and onshore and offshore drillers Deployment cabin.

Stabilis Energy also provides power infrastructure commissioning and maintenance services; electrical and instrument construction and installation services, including electrical and instrument turnover, maintenance, refurbishment and new construction projects; and medium and low voltage start-up/commissioning, preventive maintenance, emergency calls, and Circuit breaker and switchgear refurbishment service.

On August 21, 2019, Stabilis Energy signed two agreements to expand its business in Mexico, and its share price soared by more than 20%.

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