Precision bearing leader: RBC Bearings RBC Bearings Inc. (ROLL)

RBC Bearings Incorporated (NASDAQ: ROLL) is headquartered in Oxford, Connecticut, USA, with 3,277 full-time employees. It is a precision bearing company whose products include roller bearings, flat bearings, and pin bearings.

RBC Bearings Inc. Logo

RBC Bearings RBC Bearings (ROLL):

RBC Bearing Company produces precision sliding bearings, roller bearings and ball bearings in the North American, European, Asian and Latin American markets. The company’s business is divided into 4 parts to operate: Plain Bearings, Roller Bearings, Ball bearings (Ball Bearings), and other (Other).

  1. Sliding bearing department : produces self-lubricating bearings or metal-to-metal designs, including rod end bearings, spherical sliding bearings and journal bearings, mainly used to correct the misalignment of various mechanical components, such as aircraft controls, helicopters, or heavy Mining and construction equipment.
  2. Roller bearings : Provide heavy-duty ball bearings with inner rings, cone bearings, track rollers, aircraft roller bearings, etc., and use rollers instead of anti-friction bearings for balls.
  3. Ball bearing department : specializes in providing high-precision aerospace, aircraft structure control, sheet and industrial ball bearings, using high-precision balls to reduce frictional resistance in high-speed applications.
  4. Other parts : provide precision mechanical components, which can be used in different general industrial applications; and machine tool chucks, used to clamp round or rod-shaped parts on lathes or other machines.

RBC Bearings Inc mainly provides services for the construction industry and mining, petroleum and natural resource extraction, heavy trucks, railways, packaging, semiconductor machinery, and aerospace and defense markets. In addition, RBC Bearings also provides services through direct sales personnel and industrial and aviation Too’s dealer network, selling its products.

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