Professional pharmaceutical company: KemPharm, Inc. (KMPH) (2006)

KemPharm, Inc. (NASDAQ:KMPH) was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Coralville, Iowa, with 32 full-time employees. It is a professional pharmaceutical company engaged in the clinical stage, developing drugs for the treatment of acute moderate to moderate to severe pain.


KemPharm, Inc. (KMPH):

KemPharm, Inc. is a clinical stage professional pharmaceutical company that discovers and develops new patent prodrugs. KemPharm’s main product candidates include:

1. KP415 and KP484-they are sustained-release prodrugs of methylphenidate, used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

2. The company has also developed APADAZ, an immediate release (IR) drug candidate for the combination of benzohydrocodone and acetaminophen for the short-term treatment of acute pain.

3. KP201/IR-APADAZ’s acetaminophen-free immediate-release preparation for short-term treatment of acute pain.

4. KP511/ER and KP511/IR hydromorphone candidate products-used to treat pain.

5. KP606-a prodrug of oxycodone, used to treat moderate to severe pain.

6. KP746-a prodrug of oxymorphone, used to treat moderate to severe pain.

7. KP303-a prodrug of quetiapine, used to treat central nervous system diseases.

KemPharm was listed on NASDAQ on April 16, 2015, under the code: KMPH, issued 4 million shares at an issue price of US$11 per share, raised US$44 million, and had a market value of US$175 million. Joint underwriting by Cowen & Company and RBC Capital Markets.

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