Professional staffing and IT solutions company: ASGN Incorporated (ASGN) (1985)

ASGN Incorporated (NYSE:ASGN) was established in 1985, formerly known as On Assignment, Inc., changed to its current name in April 2018, headquartered in Glen Allen, Virginia, with 4300 full-time employees Ren, is a company that provides technical, digital, creative, engineering and life science professionals and IT solutions for business and government clients in the United States and internationally.

ASGN Incorporated

Angsé ASGN Incorporated (ASGN):

ASGN Incorporated is one of the most important IT and professional service providers in technology, digital, creative, healthcare technology, engineering, life sciences and government departments. Angsai effectively understands customers’ professional staffing and IT service needs, and provides them with qualified professionals to meet their needs with a unique combination of their skills, experience and expertise to provide services to customers.

As an organization, ASGN Incorporated’s mission is to operate first-class companies that provide highly skilled human capital to improve the productivity and utilization of leading companies, corporations and government organizations in North America and Europe. By providing key STEM skills, the company is in a unique position to become a total talent solution for the digital world and the evolving sharing economy. Due to the achievements of ASGN Incorporated, the company is considered first-class in many industries and has established an excellent reputation for excellence in the past 35 years.

Angsai operates through three divisions: Apex, Oxford and ECS.

  1. Apex-Provides contracts for technical, digital, creative, scientific, and engineering professionals to Fortune 1000 and mid-market clients, as well as contract rental and permanent placement of positions.
  2. Oxford-Provides hard-to-find technical, digital, engineering and life science staffing and consulting services in a variety of skills and geographic markets.
  3. ECS-provides advanced solutions in the fields of cloud, network security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, application and IT modernization, and science and engineering.
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