Real Estate Trust: Easterly Government Properties (DEA) (2011)

Easterly Government Properties, Inc. (NYSE: DEA), a Dongfeng government property company, was established in 2011 and is headquartered in Washington, DC, focusing on the acquisition, development and management of commercial properties. The company’s main business is to lease these Class A commercial properties to US government functions and US government agencies. Basically all of the company’s income comes from leasing these commercial properties to these agencies through GSA.


The company DEA gives me the feeling that it is a very strange company. First of all, I don’t know the connection between its company name and stock code. Second, its domain name (official website- http : // ) and company name are also linked Not much. In short, as a Chinese, if you want to remember them, it may take a little effort.

DEA analysis and investment advice:

Different from general real estate agencies and property companies are:

  1. The company’s main business is government business. Because the US environment is relatively open, it can be eaten in Washington, but it is difficult to say when it comes to New York. Therefore, the business has relatively large limitations and it may be more difficult to expand;
  2. He works as a real estate agency, as well as property development and management, but the company was founded in 2011 and the foundation is still relatively shallow;
  3. Several founders Darrell W. Crate, William C. Trimble and F. Joseph Moravec have checked, and the public information has not found a very deep background.

In summary, since this company has just gone public, it is mainly wait-and-see.

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