Regenerative Plastic Surgery and Minimally Invasive Surgery Clinic Operator: IMAC Holdings (IMAC)

IMAC Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:IMAC, NASDAQ:IMACW) was incorporated in March 2015 under the name of IMAC Holdings, LLC. Its history can be traced back to the first IMAC Regeneration Center established in Kentucky in August 2000. On June 1, 2018, the company changed from a Kentucky California limited liability company to a Delaware company, and was renamed IMAC Holdings, Inc., headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee, USA, with 95 full-time employees (2/1/ 2019), is an evolving Integrated Medicine and Chiropractic (IMAC) regeneration center that combines advances in life sciences with traditional medical care to treat diseases and conditions that restrict exercise.

IMAC Holdings

IMAC Holdings (IMAC):

Compared with other available treatment options, IMAC Holdings’ combination of medical and physical procedures aims to improve patient experience and outcomes, and reduce medical costs.

IMAC Holdings owns six (self-operated) and manages five outpatient clinics, providing regeneration, plastic surgery and minimally invasive surgery and treatment. The company’s treatments are carried out by licensed doctors through the company’s regenerative rehabilitation program, aimed at improving physical health, improving the quality of life and alleviating patients’ suffering.

IMAC Holdings’ prescription does not contain opioids, but provides alternatives to traditional surgery or joint replacement surgery, by providing minimally invasive medical treatment to help people with sports injuries, back pain, knee pain, joint pain, ligaments and tendons Patients with injuries and other related soft tissue injuries.

The employees of IMAC Holdings focus on providing excellent customer service, providing patients with a memorable and caring experience. The company believes that 95% of patients can afford its treatment costs and it is a leader in the field of regenerative medicine.

IMAC Holdings’ licensed healthcare professionals provide customized treatment plans for each patient, combining innovative regenerative medical solutions (31% of revenue) with traditional minimally invasive (minimizing incisions and skin punctures) medical procedures (accounting for our revenue) 33%) and physical therapy (31% of income, the remaining 5% comes from chiropractic). The company will not use or provide prescriptions based on opioids as part of a treatment plan to help patients avoid the risk of opioid abuse and addiction. At the same time, the company has successfully treated patients who were previously addicted to opioids.

In addition, IMAC Holdings’ program complies with all professional sports league drug restriction policies, including the National Football League (NFL), National Basketball League (NBA), National Hockey League (NHL) and Major League Baseball (MLB).

From May 2016 to the date of this prospectus, IMAC has operated 11 clinics in Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee, of which 6 outpatient medical clinic companies have opened their own clinics and acquired 4 physical therapy clinics. The company intends to use a large part of the net proceeds from this offering to further expand the company’s facilities to other strategic locations in the United States.

In order to enhance the company’s brand image and popularity, IMAC Holdings has cooperated with several active and former professional athletes to open two Ozzie Smith IMAC regeneration centers, two David Price IMAC regeneration centers and one Tony Delk IMAC regeneration center. The company also signed former NBA player George Gervin to become the brand ambassador for the Texas Future Clinic. The company’s brand ambassador helps raise the company’s awareness of non-opioid services, emphasizing that IMAC uses sports and orthopedic injuries as alternatives to traditional surgery for joint repair or replacement.

IMAC Holdings (IMAC) investment:

IMAC Holdings, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:IMAC, NASDAQ:IMACW) low-priced IPO prospectus on 9/17/2018, after several postponements, the latest IPO is scheduled to be listed on Nasdaq on 2/8/2019 with an issue price of $5 , Issued 900,000 shares, raised 4.3 million US dollars, underwritten by Dawson James Securities/ Cuttone.

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