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Regional bank holding company: First Seacoast Bancorp (FSEA) (1890 – )

First Seacoast Bancorp

First Seacoast Bancorp (NASDAQ: FSEA) was established in 1890 and is headquartered in Dover, New Hampshire. It is a subsidiary of MHC First Seacoast Bancorp. It provides a variety of banking products and services by controlling First Seacoast Bank .

First Seacoast Bancorp (FSEA):

The First Coast Bank, headquartered in Dover, New Hampshire, has been providing services to residents of the coast of New Hampshire since 1890. It was originally called the Dover Co-Operative Savings Fund and Loan Association. For more than 65 years, the bank was called Dover Co-Operative Bank and later changed its name to Dover Federal Savings and Loan Association. The main office currently located at 633 Central Avenue was built in 1972. The name of the bank was changed to Federal Savings Bank in 1983 to reflect the growing customer base outside of Dover.

In 2019, the bank changed its name to First Seacoast Bank to better reflect its long-term commitment to positively impact coastal communities. Whether you are making bank deposits in Dover, Barrington, Durham, Portsmouth, Rochester or other areas, the company will guarantee to provide you with personalized services, competitive interest rates and the widest range of investments Selection and loan services.

First Seacoast Bancorp provides checking, savings and money market accounts; and proof of deposit. First Seacoast Bancorp also offers a variety of loan products, including mortgages and home mortgages. Student loans; vehicle, personal and other loans; credit cards; commercial mortgages, SBA loans, credit lines, equipment financing, equipment or car purchase financing, existing company debt refinancing and loan consolidation services.

In addition, First Seacoast Bancorp also provides wealth management services, such as retirement planning, portfolio management, investment and insurance strategies, corporate retirement planning, and university planning services.

As of 2020, First Seacoast Bancorp operates through its head office in Dover, New Hampshire, and four branches in the coastal area.

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