REIT Company: Fanta (Bullring Real Estate Investment Trust) Ventas (VTR) (1983)

Finta Corporation (or: Bullring Real Estate Investment Trust) Ventas, Inc. (NYSE: VTR) was established in 1983 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with offices in Irvine, California, Louisville, Kentucky, and Charlotte, North Carolina. There are offices in Dallas, Texas and Dallas, Texas, with 493 full-time employees. It is an American REIT company whose investment target is a healthcare property.

Ventas VTR Logo

Fanta (Bullring Real Estate Investment Trust) Ventas (VTR):

Ventas is in 1998 from Kindred Health Kindred Healthcare Inc. (NYSE: KND) from the spin-off, is one of the largest healthcare real estate investment trust, owns the property at nearly 500 in 43 states and Canada . Senior housing, professional nursing facilities and hospitals account for 50%, 29% and 15% of the company’s annual net operating profit, respectively.

Fanta is a real estate investment trust company engaged in the investment, management, financing and leasing of properties in the health care industry. The company invests in the real estate market in the United States and Canada, mainly in health care related facilities, including hospitals, professional nursing homes, nursing homes, and medical care. Office buildings and other medical care related facilities.

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