REIT Company: FRT Trust Federal Realty Investment Trust (FRT) (1962)

FRT Trust (Federal Realty Investment Trust Company), Federal Realty Investment Trust (NYSE: FRT) was founded in 1962, headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, USA, and has 299 full-time employees. It is a real estate investment trust company (REIT company) with retail properties. Mainly distributed in the northeastern United States and the Atlantic Ocean.

Federal Realty Investment Trust Logo

FRT Trust Federal Realty Investment Trust (FRT):

Federal Realty Investment Trust is engaged in the holding, management, development and redevelopment of retail and mixed-use properties. As of December 31, 2015, the Federal Realty Investment Trust has 90 property assets in strategically significant cities in the United States. Mainly distributed in California and Florida.

The properties of the FRT Trust are mainly in nearby shopping malls, retail mixed-use properties (excluding joint venture properties), etc.

In addition, the Federal Realty Investment Trust has formed a joint venture relationship with Clarion Lion Properties, owns 30% of the 5,000 square foot retail property, and also has a comprehensive apartment complex in Maryland.

The FRT trust company chooses to use real estate investment trust companies for taxation, so the company’s deductible income distributed to shareholders will not be subject to federal income tax.

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