REIT company (retail and office building properties): VEREIT, Inc. (VER) (2010)

VEREIT, Inc. (NYSE: VER) was founded in 2010, formerly known as American Realty Capital Properties, Inc., headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, with 350 full-time employees. It is an American real estate investment trust company that mainly invests in retail and office Building property.



VEREIT Inc. is a real estate investment trust company, mainly engaged in the acquisition, holding and operation of single-tenant, single-family commercial real estate, and must have investment and credit ratings or other reputable tenants. The lease is mainly mid-term. The main investment targets are retail and office building properties.

VEREIT owns and actively manages a diversified portfolio of retail, catering, office and industrial real estate assets, with long-term lease contracts for tenants with high credit quality. VEREIT focuses on properties that are strategically located and important to tenants’ business operations, as well as retail properties that provide necessities and value-oriented products or services.

VEREIT’s investment portfolio mainly considers several indicators such as property type, concentration and major economic factors to properly balance and diversify. VEREIT’s actively managed investment portfolio enables the company to implement these plans through strategic planning, actively respond to market changes and challenges, and obtain the best operating performance for each asset and overall investment portfolio.

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