Road machinery and environmental equipment: Gencor Industries (GENC) (1968)

Founded in 1968, Gencor Industries Inc. (NASDAQ:GENC), formerly known as Mechtron International Corporation, was changed to its current name in 1987. It is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, USA. It has 216 full-time employees and its affiliates. Jointly design, manufacture and sell highway construction heavy machinery and environmental control equipment.

Gencor Industries Inc. Logo

Gencor Industries (GENC):

Fanke Industry Co., Ltd. is an asphalt production plant that provides hot mix asphalt mixtures and produces asphalt paving materials; in addition, it provides related equipment required by the asphalt plant, including hotmix storage bins, filtration systems, cold feed tanks, and other factories Components and a series of moving parts.

In addition, Gencor Industries provides combustion systems that can convert solid, liquid and gaseous fuels into usable energy; provides soil remediation machines ; provides combustion for rotary dryers, kilns, soot and liquid incinerators, fuel heaters, and industrial incinerators system.

In addition, Fanke Industrial provides storage, heating and pumping systems for viscous materials, such as asphalt, chemicals, heavy oil and other industrial and petrochemical applications of thermal fluid heat transfer systems; special storage tanks for various industrial purposes.

Fanke Industrial Company mainly sells products to the road construction industry through its sales representatives, independent distributors and agents all over the world, and its service scope covers North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

About Gencor

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