Safety protective clothing company: Lakeland Industries (LAKE) (1982)

Lakeland Industries Inc. (NASDAQ:LAKE) was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Ronkonkoma, New York, USA. It has 1,632 full-time employees. It is a company engaged in the production and sales of industrial and public safety protective clothing and accessories in the United States and internationally. s company.

Lakeland Industries LAKE Logo

Lakeland Industries (LAKE):

Lakeland Industries is an industrial protective clothing manufacturer that produces and sells safety clothing and accessories. The product categories include: limited-use protective clothing, chemical protective clothing, clean rooms, high-visibility protective clothing, fire protection clothing, thermal protection, and hands Protection, arc protective clothing, flame-retardant clothing, respiratory protection, eye protection, cold-proof clothing and other products.

The brands of Lakeland Industries include: Interceptor® Plus chemical protective clothing series, Kaimais 1 series, Kaimais 2 series, Kaimais 3 series, Kaimais 4 Plus series, Perilan CBFR, Perilan CRFR, Pai Ruilang Plus 2, Perrylang TPCR, Saifujia 76 series, Saifujia GP series, flame retardant and arc protection series, Lakeland fire series products, Max NS series, Max VP series.

Lakeland Medical Industries’ customers are mainly industrial users, including hospitals, medical institutions (for example, the Ebola outbreak in Africa directly stimulates company performance and becomes Ebola concept stock), comprehensive oil companies, petrochemical industries, Utility companies, automobile industry, steel industry, glass industry, construction industry, smelting industry, munitions industry, cleaning, pharmaceutical, mortuary and high-tech electronics industry, as well as scientific and medical laboratories.

Lakeland Industries (LAKE) investment:

On January 15, 2016, Sierra Leone confirmed a new case of Ebola virus, which reflects the high risk of the virus recurring in the relevant country. The Sierra Leone government is currently responding quickly to the case, and the country’s emergency operations center operated by the International Health Organization (WHO) has begun investigating the source of the case.

The WHO emphasized yesterday that Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone are still high-risk countries for Ebola virus. The probability of small-scale outbreaks in the next few months is higher, mainly because the virus remains in the survivors.

Stimulated by this unfortunate news, the Ebola concept stock Lakeland Industries (LAKE) once soared 14% before the market, and other stocks in the entire biopharmaceutical sector APT, BCRX, CMRX, NNVC, IBIO, HEB all rose slightly.

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