School bus and commercial vehicle power transmission system provider: ADOMANI, Inc. (ADOM)

ADOMANI, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADOM) was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Corona, California, with 11 full-time employees. It is a manufacturer of zero-emission electric and hybrid drive systems for school buses and medium to heavy commercial vehicles.



To meet the demand for reliable green transportation solutions, ADOMANI provides complete zero-emission electric and hybrid vehicle solutions for school bus and medium to heavy-duty fleet operators. By providing cost-effective services, ADOMANI can help commercial vehicles keep clean and save costs.

The purpose of ADOMANI is to free customers from regular maintenance and fuel cost issues, and to enable customers to comply with increasingly stringent federal, state and local government restrictions on motor vehicles due to air quality requirements. By choosing ADOMANI all-electric vehicles, customers can take the lead in fleet management, perform better, be cleaner and stand out from other models.

ADOMANI’s products include traction motor/generators and motor controllers, as well as power flow for direct drive configurations, which are single-speed gearboxes or multi-gear drive systems.

ADOMANI also provides lithium iron phosphate battery packs, inverters, chargers, electric systems for power steering and braking, wiring harnesses, flat screen user interfaces and diagnostic tools for fleet technicians.

ADOMANI patented product: Conversion of internal combustion engine to electric motor assembly (“EMA”). This patent allows ADOMANI to use original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) accessory parts (such as alternator, pump, compressor and belt) to produce full electric motor assembly . ADOMANI uses existing OEM components for production reorganization, such as OEM transmission (with torque converter), alternator, belt, pulley, compressor, etc. Since ADOMANI uses parts on their patented EMA, this means that anyone using the ADOMANI drive train does not need specialized infrastructure to maintain and repair vehicles.

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