Security and authentication solutions: Applied DNA Sciences (APDN)

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: APDN) was founded in 1983, formerly known as Datalink Systems, Inc., and changed to its current name in 2002. Headquartered in Stony Brook, New York, USA, it has 59 full-time employees. It is a company that develops and sells solutions based on platforms or other DNA technologies in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Applied DNA Sciences

Applied DNA Sciences (APDN):

Applied DNA Sciences is an American high-tech company headquartered in Stony Brook, New York, dedicated to developing and adopting unique technologies to prevent counterfeiting. Applied DNA Sciences mainly uses plant DNA to provide security and authentication solutions, which can help companies, governments, and consumers protect products and brands from theft, counterfeiting, fraud, conversion and other issues.

Applied DNA Science’s DNA-based technology is widely used in various industries, including: textiles/fashion, wine, musical instruments and electronic products.

Luxury manufacturers use these products to identify counterfeit consumer products and ensure the authenticity of their products, thereby helping in part to stop the flow of counterfeit goods and eliminate the “sweatshops” that are often implicit in the production of fake goods.

In addition, Applied DNA Sciences’ products have been reviewed in the pilot program of the Defense Logistics Agency of the Department of Defense, and their technology successfully distinguished counterfeit and real microchips 100% of the time.

Applied DNA Sciences’ supply chain security and product certification solutions include:

  1. SigNature molecular tags, these tags are used to strengthen brand protection and enhance supply chain security, as well as to mark, track and convict criminals.
  2. The SigNature T molecular label is used in the labeling and certification system of brand protection work and raw material source compliance program.
  3. fiberTyping, natural cotton fiber DNA test.
  4. Applied DNA Sciences also offers DNAnet, Smart DNA, and Backtrac, which are molecular tags that link evidence and criminals to specific crime scenes.
  5. Beacon locks on optical markings to create a protected concealed screening tool that can be adapted to packaging, security labels and high-value assets through inks, varnishes and paints.
  6. SigNify IF portable DNA reader provides real-time authentication of molecular tags.
  7. Furthermore, Applied DNA Sciences also provides Applied DNA Sciences Portal, a software platform that enables customers to manage the safety of the company’s marked products, from the marking point to the certification point or verification point to the end of the service life.
  8. DNA Transfer Systems and Cannabis Tracking System (DNA Transfer Systems and Cannabis Tracking System) provide real-time monitoring of remote Internet access.
  9. Furthermore, Applied DNA Sciences also provides CertainT Supply Chain Platform (CertainT Supply Chain Platform), which provides product declaration certificates for materials, articles or products.
  10. The Triathlon PCR system can produce specific DNA sequences on a large scale.
  11. In addition, Applied DNA Science also provides contract research services for nucleic acid-based medical and biological markets; and conducts pre-clinical research with various RNA-based pharmaceutical and biological customers.
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