Seismic equipment rental & sales company: Mitcham Industries (MIND) (1987)

Mitcham Industries Inc. (NASDAQ:MIND) was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Huntsville, Texas, USA. It has 187 full-time employees. Through its subsidiaries, it provides equipment rental and sales to the global seismic industry. And services, and other geophysical equipment.

Mitcham Industries Inc. Logo

Mitcham Leasing Mitcham Industries (MIND):

Mitcham Industries, Inc. is a company that provides seismic equipment and other geophysical equipment rental, sales and services, providing equipment for collecting and investigating seismic data on land, transition zones (swamps and shallow waters), and deep waters.

Mitchham Industries is divided into two divisions to operate: Equipment Leasing and Seamap.

  1. Equipment leasing department : mainly provides short-term leasing of seismic equipment (seismic data acquisition) for oil and gas companies around the world; in addition, Mitcham Industries also provides land seismic equipment leasing, marine seismic equipment leasing, and downhole equipment leasing, including underground seismic tools ; Marketing of seismic equipment manufactured by other companies; sales of second-hand seismic equipment; providing equipment, consumables, system integration, engineering hardware and software maintenance support services for the seismic, hydrological, marine, environmental and defense industries.
  2. Chart Department : Provides a series of product design, manufacturing and sales services for the marine seismic (prediction and data acquisition, etc.) industry. Products include:

    • GunLink seismic source acquisition and control system: used to provide precise control of marine seismic exploration and energy
    • BuoyLink RGPS tracking system: used to provide accurate positioning of seismic sources and ribbons
    • Digishot Energy Controller
    • Sleeve Gun Energy

In May 2014, Seamap Pte Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitchham Leasing, acquired the marine energy resource production line of ION Geophysical Corporation.

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