Semiconductor company: Atmel Corporation (ATML)-delisting (1984)

Atmel Corporation (NASDAQ: ATML) was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in San Jose, California, with 5,200 full-time employees. It is a semiconductor IC product design, development, manufacturing and sales company.

Update: Atmel was acquired by Microchip in 2016 and delisted!

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Atmel Corporation (ATML):

Atmel Corporation (Atmel) is mainly engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of IC semiconductor products. The marketing scope includes the United States, Asia, Europe, South Korea, South Africa and Central and South America. Atmel Corporation’s business operations are divided into four divisions: microcontrollers, invariant memory, automotive, multi-market and others.

  • Microcontroller (MCU) department-provides exclusive and non-exclusive architectures, such as AVR-8bit and 32-bit products, ARM-based products, Atmel 8051 8-bit products, low-power wireless palace SoC products, and capacitors Touch products, including maXTouch and QTouch.
  • Invariant memory department-provides erasable programming read-only, erasable programming read-only memory devices, and secure password products.
  • Automotive sector-to provide automotive electronics, including radio frequency technology products.
  • Multi-market and other sectors-provide ASICs used in the medical, consumer, and security markets, while aviation products used in satellites and other markets are essential anti-radiation devices.

Atmel Corporation (ATML) information:

ATMEL company overview

ATMEL is a world leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of advanced semiconductor products, including microprocessors, programmable logic devices, non-volatile memories, security chips, mixed-signal and RF radio frequency integrated circuits. Through the combination of these core technologies, ATMEL has produced a variety of general-purpose and application-specific system-level chips to meet the growing and evolving needs of today’s electronic system design engineers. ATMEL’s world-class expertise and rich experience in system-level integration enable its products to be developed on the basis of existing modules, ensuring minimal development delays and risks.

Through a production, engineering, sales and distribution network distributed in more than 60 countries, ATMEL is committed to customer-oriented services for the electronic markets in North America, Europe and Asia. Ensuring timely introduction of products and continuous support to customers has made ATMEL products the core components of the latest electronic products. These products in turn help end users complete more work, enjoy more convenience and maintain communication with the outside world, no matter where they are. ATMEL helps customers design smaller, cheaper, and more feature products to lead the market. Therefore, those companies leading global innovation choose ATMEL’s high-performance products to speed up their product launches and enable their products to be differentiated from competing products, whether it is a traditional market or a developing market.

Main market

ATMEL focuses on the high-growth electronic equipment market, such as communications, computing, consumer products, security products, automotive electronics and industrial applications. In the field of communications, ATMEL can provide a series of complex components and chipsets from the FLASH memory of mobile phones to wireless voice and data communications. The growing family of baseband controllers and radio frequency components is aimed at traditional markets as well as emerging markets, such as WLAN and Bluetooth, as well as high-bandwidth wireless interconnection technologies that are rapidly being accepted by networks and consumer products.

As the founding father of non-volatile memory technology, ATMEL will continue to integrate this core capability into complex products that serve computing and consumer products (such as PCs, storage products, DVDs, entertainment platforms, games and toys). In addition to establishing partnerships with emerging electronic equipment manufacturers, ATMEL’s high-density memory products, microcontrollers and ASICs can also be applied to industrial control, military equipment, image processing and automotive equipment.

The security of electronic applications has always been a major issue in the development of computing and communication equipment. ATMEL has a series of products in this field, including secure microcontrollers and secure memories, as well as non-contact products and biosensors. For example, the company’s smart card and smart card reader chips (ISO7816) are targeted for the European market, as well as the rapidly developing security applications in the United States and Asia. Smart card technology can be applied to credit cards, driving licenses, ID cards, medical certificates, mobile communications, TV set-top boxes, e-commerce and those related applications that require data security.

Other emerging applications include power management. As more and more features are supported, all handheld devices require power management to improve their usage time. Color-screen mobile phones consume a lot of power. Therefore, there must be a sophisticated power management to obtain acceptable battery life. ATMEL has provided many industry leaders with customized power management ICs, and has developed a series of power management ASSPs to serve this rapidly growing market.

Process and foundry services

ATMEL is a pioneer in the development of SiGe, CMOS and BiCMOS processes and has obtained many product innovations. As an IDM (Integrated Equipment Manufacturer) with a manufacturing plant and process development engineers, ATMEL can optimize process parameters to meet the precise requirements of the product. This is particularly important for the production of analog circuits and RF circuits. The close support of process development engineers to product design engineers can ensure that production, testing, and yield problems are predictable and that problems can be solved quickly. Many processes can also be provided to customers in the form of OEM.

Atmel Corporation (ATML) acquisition and history:

  • In 2008, ATMEL acquired Quantum Research Group Ltd., a capacitive sensing technology company, which is now a wholly-owned subsidiary-Atmel Technologies Ireland Limited;
  • In October 2008, ATMEL received a $2.3 billion acquisition offer from Microchip Technology and ON Semiconductor, which was rejected by ATML;
  • In 2011, ATML acquired Advanced Digital Design SA, a Spanish powerline communications company;
  • In December 2012, it acquired Ozmo Devices, a Wifi development company;
  • In March 2013, ATMEL acquired the smart metering product line of IDT Corporation;
  • In July 2014, ATML acquired Newport Media, which strengthened the company’s capabilities in Wi-fi and wireless and Bluetooth technologies;
  • On September 20, 2015, Dialogic announced that it would acquire Atmel for US$4.6 billion in cash stocks. It is expected to complete the transaction in Q1 2016.
  • On January 20, 2016, Microchip Technology (Microchip) acquired Atmel for US$3.56 billion, and the transaction with Dialogic failed to take place (The acquisition plan proposed by Microchip Technology included $7 in cash per share, while Dialog’s plan included The cash per share is only $4.65).

Atmel Corporation (ATML) investment:

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