Semiconductor equipment company: Aehr Test Systems (AEHR) (1977)

Aehr Test Systems (NASDAQ: AEHR) was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Fremont, California, with 86 full-time employees. It is a semiconductor testing and programming equipment design, development, production and sales company.

Aehr Test Systems Logo

Aehr Test Systems (AEHR):

Aehr Test Systems designs, projects, manufactures and sells test and burn-in equipment for the semiconductor industry worldwide.

Aehr Test Systems provides:

  • Full wafer contact test system, burn-in system test, test fixture and related accessories.
  • The company also provides the Advanced Burn-in and Test System series of packaged component burn-in and test systems, which can perform tests during the burn-in of complex devices (such as digital signal processors, microprocessors, microcontrollers and systems on a chip), as well as high-power advanced logic Independent temperature control of the device.
  • In addition, Aehr Test Systems provides the FOX system, which is a full-wafer contact parallel test and burn-in system designed to contact various pads of the wafer at the same time; WaferPak filter element includes a full-wafer probe card for testing FOX The wafer in the system; DiePak carrier, a reusable temporary package that enables integrated circuit (IC) manufacturers to test and burn-in a single die or very small multi-IC module; and test fixtures for holding The device is tested or aged, and the device under test is electrically connected to the system electronics.
  • In addition, Aehr Test Systems also provides WaferPak Aligner, which can automatically align customers’ wafers with WaferPak cartridges; WaferPak contactors; and DiePak Loader, which can automatically load customer modules into DiePak carriers.
  • Furthermore, Aehr Test Systems also provides customer service and support programs, including system installation, system maintenance, application engineering support, spare parts inventory, customer training and documentation services.

Aehr Test Systems sells and markets its products to semiconductor manufacturers, semiconductor contract assemblers, electronics manufacturers, and burn-in and test service companies through a network of distributors and sales representatives.

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