Semiconductor equipment company: Ichor Holding Ltd (ICHR) (1999)

Ichor Holding Limited (NASDAQ:ICHR) was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Fremont, California, USA, with 1305 full-time employees (12/31/2018). It is the design, engineering and manufacturing of the key fluid transport subsystem of semiconductor capital equipment (capital equipment) leader of.

Ichor Holding Limited

Ichor Holding Ltd (ICHR):

Ichor Holding is a key manufacturing partner of the world’s top semiconductor capital equipment companies. It has very strong design engineering capabilities to provide customers in every market with excellent quality. Ichor Holding makes it possible to design and create complete outsourcing solutions, from product concept to turnke manufacturing to traditional services. Ichor provides world-class process engineering, manufacturing, material management and testing capabilities. Ichor Holding’s strategic location with more than 500 employees provides customers with the highest level of customer service and the support of our project management, sales, engineering and executive management teams.

The continuous expansion of Ichor Holding’s capabilities in Southeast Asia has enabled the company’s production facilities to better align with customers’ supply chain strategies. This further enables the company to expand into new products and markets.

Ichor is headquartered in Fremont, California, with manufacturing locations in Oregon, Texas, Singapore, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. The company’s sales and engineering office is strategically located in Silicon Valley, California.

Ichor Holding has established long-term cooperative relationships with top OEM customers, including Lam Research Corporation and Applied Materials, Inc. , and is also the company’s two largest customers in fiscal year 2015.

Ichor Holding Ltd (ICHR) investment:

Ichor Holding Limited (NASDAQ:ICHR) was listed on NASDAQ on December 9, 2016, with an issue price of US$9, 5,877,778 shares, 52.9 million US dollars of funds raised, and stock code: ICHR.

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