Semiconductor integrated circuits: Applied Micro Circuits (AMCC) (1979)

Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (NASDAQ: AMCC) was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. It has 557 full-time employees. It is a semiconductor integrated circuit company that produces ICs for optical fibers and transmits sound and data.

Applied Micro Circuits Corporation Logo

Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (AMCC):

Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (also known as Applied Micro or AMCC or APM) is a fabless semiconductor company that designs network and embedded power architecture (including power architecture license) and server processor ARM (including ARMv8-A license), optical transmission and storage products. Company products include :

  1. Provides X-Gene server processor series based on ARMv8 64-bit instruction set architecture (ISA)-which is targeted at mainstream cloud and data center infrastructure, including hyperscale, telecommunications, enterprise and high-performance computing.
  2. It also provides embedded computing products, including HeliX series processors based on ARM 64-bit ISA and PowerPC products based on power architecture for wireless access points, home gateways, network connected storage, network switches and routers, and functional printers.
  3. In addition, the company provides connectivity products, including network physical layer equipment (PHY), including mixed signal and optical transmission network framer and mapper solutions.
  4. X-Weave series products to meet the needs of service providers and public clouds, private clouds and enterprise data centers.
  5. Framer-PHY silicon solution for high-speed optical network equipment such as routers, switches and transponders.

Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (Applied Micro Circuits Corporation) sells its products through direct sales and through a network of independent manufacturer representatives and distributors.

American Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (AMCC) history:

  • In 2004, AMCC purchased assets, intellectual property and engineers related to the PowerPC 400 microprocessor from IBM for US$227 million, and they now sell processors under their own name. The transaction also includes access to IBM’s SoC design method and advanced CMOS process technology.
  • In 2009, AppliedMicro changed its brand from AMCC to AppliedMicro, but still retained the company name-Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (Applied Micro Circuits Corporation);
  • In 2011, AppliedMicro became the first company to use the X-Gene platform to implement the ARMv8-A architecture. In November 2012, at ARM TechCon, AppliedMicro demonstrated advanced web search capabilities and the ability to use FPGA-simulated X-Gene platform to process big data workloads in the Apache Hadoop software environment.
  • In April 2016, information showed that the company is about to launch the X-Gene 3 server chip. The release schedule is in the second half of 2017. The company expects its performance to exceed X-Gene 2, enabling it to better match those using the x86-64 architecture. Server competition.
  • In November 2016, Macom announced that it would acquire AMCC.
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