Sensor design and manufacturer: Perceptron, Inc. (PRCP)

Perceptron, Inc. (NASDAQ:PRCP) was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, USA. It has 337 full-time employees. It is a company that develops, produces and sells various automation systems for enterprises in Europe, Asia and America. A company of industrial metrology products and solutions for dimensional measurement, dimensional inspection and 3D scanning.

Perceptron Inc

Perceptron, Inc. (PRCP):

Perceptron Inc. was established in Detroit, the American automobile capital in 1981. It has more than 30 years of measurement experience and is a global leader in laser online measurement technology. Globally, there are more than 900 systems, 12,000 Perceptron measuring sensors , and more than 3,000 Coord3 coordinate machines in use.

In 2014, Perceptron formally acquired Coord3, an Italian CMM design and manufacturer. Founded in 1973, Coord3 has been engaged in the design, manufacture and sales of 3D coordinate measuring machines. With the integration of Coord3, Perceptron’s technology has also begun to change, not only for the traditional automotive industry, but throughout various industries in the global manufacturing industry.

Perceptron is headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, USA, and has operations worldwide, with subsidiaries in Brazil, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Perceptron Inc.’s wholly-owned subsidiary in China, Perceptron Metrology Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., was established in 2007 and is located in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone. Bosai introduces advanced laser online inspection technology and products into the country, and provides customers with automated enterprise-level measurement solutions through size inspection, size measurement, 3D scanning, robot guidance, gap and face difference solutions and advanced measurement software, etc. . Help customers manage complex production processes, improve product quality, shorten product development time, and reduce manufacturing costs. With the development of our business, we will accelerate our development in the fields of aerospace, global manufacturing, agricultural equipment, power generation, electrical appliances, heavy machinery, military and national defense while maintaining the leading position in the automotive industry.

Perceptron Inc. Product:

  1. Dimension Inspection Solution- Perceptron’s precise non-contact automatic dimension inspection solution provides real-time process and part quality information. The system can be used to monitor production online, or offline to support manufacturing operations. Perceptron’s custom turnkey engineering team will use our standard modules and sensors to customize designs for customers to detect key features and part features. Perceptron’s metrology solutions can withstand the test of the rigorous production environment. There are more than 900 equipment in the works. Effective use. Advanced software allows remote monitoring of part quality and production processes in the field or from anywhere in the world, while providing discrete feature measurement and 3D scanning data.
  2. Dimensional measurement (CMMs) solutions- COORD3’s extensive series of coordinate measuring machines provide you with advanced measurement platforms, from desktop CMMs for measuring small parts to some production and services in the aerospace, defense and heavy industry equipment industries The super large gantry type three coordinate measuring machine. The COORD3 coordinate measuring machine is made of advanced aluminum alloy technology. Compared with the past, the heavy and slow granite structure greatly improves the performance. COORD3 coordinate measuring machine can be equipped with Renishaw trigger probe and scanning probe. Products include: bridge type three coordinate measuring machine, large gantry type three coordinate measuring machine, cantilever type three coordinate measuring machine, articulated arm type three coordinate measuring machine, TouchDMIS measurement software.
  3. Robot Guidance (RGS) -Perceptron Robot Guidance Solution (RGS) calculates the theoretical and actual deviations between the robot and the assembled parts, and feeds back compensation data to the six axes of the robot. These automated solutions reduce your investment in fixtures, ensure the safety of dangerous tasks, and improve the overall matching and final quality of complex assembly operations. The company’s robotic guidance solutions are designed for use in industrial environments and can be installed in various locations in the factory-from the main production area (body shop) to subsequent assembly stations (final assembly or paint shop).
  4. 3D scanning solution- Perceptron’s 3D laser scanning solution can be used as a stand-alone product or loaded on a carrier. These carriers include industrial robots, coordinate measuring machines and portable coordinate measuring machines (PCMM). We will select the best solution for your specific scanning and measurement application according to your needs. Perceptron automatic scanning solution collects your parts and presents them in 3D digital format. The whole inspection procedure is fully automatic. After the data collection and analysis process is completed, a customized report is automatically presented to the user. The report marks the deviation of complex shapes and faces from the CAD model, as well as information on discrete points of key features such as edges, holes, grooves, and studs.
  5. Gap and face difference solution- Perceptron’s automated non-contact gap and face difference solution measures the matching parts of the product for quality verification and process optimization. Use measurement results to guide employees where to make adjustments or what needs to be corrected in the production process. Use a Perceptron final size quality door to ensure that every product leaving your production facility meets the highest installation and matching standards. Perceptron’s gap and face tolerance solutions are designed to be used in industrial environments and can be installed in various locations around your manufacturing equipment-from production areas with main welding or assembly lines to quality audit stations.
  6. Software technology :

    • Vector software is the core of Perceptron’s automated metrology solutions. It uses algorithms and visualization tools to convert optical sensor data into measurement results. The modular user interface meets the specific needs of each user from the production workshop personnel to the production management. Users can connect through Vector’s smart module, which can quickly and directly access all important information.
    • Argus is Vector’s advanced analysis software, which monitors Perceptron’s automatic metering system better than traditional historical reports. Argus Detector software runs automatically in the background, continuously analyzing, looking for suspicious patterns and abnormal measurement data. When an opportunity for improvement is detected, Argus Identifier will notify users by pointing out potential “case studies”. Argus uses 3D visualization technology to animate the actual results relative to the CAD model. Argus can also help prioritize actions by calculating the amount of process fluctuations possible to solve the problem.
    • TouchDMIS Measuring Software makes three-coordinate measurement easier through the combination of a 100% touch interface and the optional TouchCAD rapid programming module.
    • TouchDMIS has changed the usability of a coordinate measuring machine. It provides the world’s first full-touch coordinate measuring software. Seamlessly integrated in manual and automatic coordinate measuring machines with contact and scanning stylus, TouchDMIS can be quickly mastered with only a few hours of training. TouchDMIS can be used without the need for experts in CMM measurement and programming.
    • IMARS (Intelligent Manufacturing Analysis Report System) is a software platform developed for manufacturing needs and focusing on process size analysis. The system can be compatible with the data format of a variety of equipment and can also customize the data analysis interface. The software has multiple application modules such as analysis reports, quality control, process alarms, case accumulation, template production, user management, etc. Using one platform for comprehensive management and analysis of the data of all measuring equipment not only improves work efficiency but also enables a comprehensive and intuitive understanding of the entire manufacturing process.
    • IMEMS (Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Monitoring System) intelligent manufacturing equipment monitoring system is a comprehensive industry 4.0, big data, cloud services, providing professional integrated equipment management tools for modern factories, allowing users to monitor the “health” of all equipment Knowing it well, the health management of factory equipment in the future will be a professional job, and the operating efficiency of the factory will inevitably depend on the degree of professionalism in equipment management.
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