Sex Toys Company: Peekay Boutiques (PKAY) (1981)

Peekay Boutiques, Inc. (OTCBB: PKAY) was established in 1981 in Auburn, Washington, D.C., with 321 full-time employees (12/31/2014), mainly providing lingerie, women’s health products and sex toys for men and women .

Peekay Boutiques (PKAY):

Peekay Boutiques PKAY Logo

Peekay Boutiques offers more than 5000 items. All sales staff are well-trained (O(∩_∩)Ohaha~). The shop design has a very visual impact, which increases the transaction. Many of PKAY’s products are unique in design and can be greatly increased. Fun between men and women.

The main customers of Peekay Boutiques include singles and couples, and the sales of products are very good. There are currently 48 chain stores in 6 states in the United States.

Peekay Boutiques products include (keywords are always replaced by “toy”, thank you for your understanding):

Women: G-spot toys, vibrating egg toys, Yin Emperor stimulation toys, binding toys, anal toys, electric dick, sexual desire enhancement toys & drugs, human body lubricants, sexy outfits

Male: Prostate massager, chicken pump, tube toys (inflatable doll, YD mold, buttocks mold, etc.), chicken ring, uniform, binding toys, anal toys, sexual desire enhancement toys & drugs, lubricant

Husband and wife: vibrator, foreplay auxiliary toys, bedroom gear (can be hung up), condom, others are basically the same as above

Peekay Boutiques (PKAY) investment:

PKAY plans to raise US$4,175,000 and plans to trade on OTC BB. But after 3 years, there is still no news of listing.

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