Shipping company: Navios Maritime Holdings (NM) (1992)

Navios Maritime Holdings Inc. (NYSE: NM) was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Monaco with 553 full-time employees. It is a global, vertically integrated shipping and logistics company focusing on dry bulk commodities. The transportation and transshipment of iron ore, coal and grains.

Navios Maritime Holdings

Navios Maritime Holdings (NM):

Navios Maritime Holdings Inc. (“Navios”) is a global vertically integrated ocean shipping and logistics company that focuses on the transportation and transshipment of dry bulk commodities including iron ore, coal and grains.

Navios was founded in 1954 by the American Steel Company to transport iron ore to the United States and Europe. Since then, Navios has diversified geographically and expanded the scope of business activities, so that Navios currently controls 71 ships with a total of approximately 7.2 million deadweight tons (2019-1).

Navios Maritime Holdings Inc. is divided into 2 divisions to operate: Dry Bulk Vessel Operations and Logistics Business.

  1. Dry Bulk Vessel Operations -engage in the transportation and handling of bulk cargo through ship ownership, operation and trade, freight and forward transportation agreements. The department leases its boats to trading companies, producers and government-owned entities.
  2. Logistics Business ——operate ports and transfer stations; control ships, barges and push ships; and operate upstream transportation facilities in Hidrovia area. The department provides its integrated transportation, storage and related services to mineral and grain commodity companies and refined petroleum products companies through its port facilities, dry and liquid cargo barge fleets and product tankers.

Navios has offices in Piraeus, Greece, New York, Montevideo, Uruguay, Antwerp, Belgium, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Asuncion, Paraguay.

There are 3 listed companies under Navios, including:

  1. Navios Maritime Holdings Inc. (NYSE:NM)
  2. Navios Maritime Acquisition Corporation (NYSE:NNA)
  3. Navios Maritime Partners LP (NYSE: NMM)
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