Software and hardware solutions: A10 Networks, Inc. (ATEN) (2004 – )

SageNet A10 Networks, Inc. (NYSE: ATEN) was established in 2004 and is headquartered in San Jose, California. It has 810 full-time employees. It is a company that provides software and hardware solutions in the United States, Japan, other Asia-Pacific regions and EMEA countries, and Latin America Scheme company.

A10 Networks

Sage Scientific Networks A10 Networks, Inc. (ATEN):

A10 Networks is an American listed company that specializes in the production of application delivery controllers (software and hardware). A10 was founded in 2004 by Lee Chen, the co-founder of Foundry Networks (IPO in 1999, now a subsidiary of Brocade Communications ), and its ID series product line initially only served the identity management market. In early 2007, they added bandwidth management equipment (EX series). Sage Scientific Networks conducted an initial public offering (IPO) on March 21, 2014, raising US$187.5 million.

A10 Networks provides:

  1. Thunder application delivery controller (ADC) that can provide advanced server load balancing; Lightning ADC, a cloud-native software-as-a-service platform that can improve the delivery and security of applications and microservices; Thunder carrier-grade network products, The service provider network provides standard-compliant address and protocol conversion services.
  2. Thunder threat protection system, which protects network and server resources from large-scale distributed denial of service attacks; Thunder Secure Socket Layer (SSL) insight solution, which decrypts SSL-encrypted traffic and forwards it to third-party security The device performs in-depth packet inspection; Thunder Converged Firewall, by integrating various security and network functions in a single device, solves various key security functions in one software package.
  3. Intelligent management and automation tools, including the Harmony Controller, which provides intelligent management, automation, and analysis functions to ensure safe delivery of applications in a multi-cloud environment; aGalaxy TPS, a multi-device network management solution.

A10 Networks provides solutions for optimizing hardware devices, bare metal software, containerized software, virtual devices and cloud native software.

A10 Networks provides services for cloud providers, Web-level enterprises, service providers, government organizations and enterprises in the telecommunications, technology, industry, retail, government, finance, gaming and education industries.

A10 Networks markets its products through sales organizations and distribution channel partners (including distributors, value-added resellers and system integrators).

A10 Networks, Inc. (ATEN) History:

  • In 2004, the company was founded.
  • In mid-2007, A10 Networks launched the AX series of application delivery controllers/load balancing devices.
  • On May 21, 2013, A10 resolved its liability for intellectual property infringement and unfair competition through a settlement with Brocade Communications Systems .
  • In May 2013, A10 launched the hardware and software application delivery controller (ADC) for its A10 Thunder series platform.
  • A10 Networks released the Harmony design of the Thunder series ADC in 2015.
  • Also in 2015, A10 Networks upgraded the Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS). The update enables API to solve 100% of software functions, while the previous ACOS can only solve 40% of functions through API.
  • In 2016, A10 acquired Appcito, a cloud-native ADC company.
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