Software company: AppFolio (APPF), an American property management software company (2006)

AppFolio, Inc. (NASDAQ:APPF) was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Goleta, California. It has 1370 full-time employees. The founders are former computer science professors Klasu Schauser and Joan Walker at the University of California. Jon Walker), is a property management software development company.


AppFolio (APPF):

AppFolio, Inc. mainly provides cloud software solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises in the property management and legal industries. Its product “AppFolio Property Manager” mainly provides operational requirements solutions for small and medium-sized property management, such as beneficiary vacancy notification and tracking, and leasing process Electronic, supplier network maintenance management and repair, accounting management and reporting to the owner.

Another product of AppFolio, “MyCase”, is to provide practical and case management solutions for small law firms and businesses, including time tracking, settlement and payment, customer communication, coordination with other lawyers and logistics personnel, regulatory data management and assembly, General office management services, etc.

In addition, AppFolio also provides website and electronic payment service “Value+”, as well as specific industry services for property management customers to screen residents.

AppFolio (APPF) History:

  • AppFolio was founded in 2006 by co-founders Klaus Schauser and Jon Walker. Schauser previously founded Expertcity.
  • The company’s primary focus is on property management for small and medium-sized enterprises. Its first product, AppFolio Property Manager, was launched in 2007.
  • In November 2012, AppFolio acquired MyCase, a “legal practice management software provider”.
  • In April 2015, AppFolio acquired the real estate software company RentLinx. The acquisition includes rights to the website, which expands the reach of AppFolio customers and provides them with “more listing opportunities.”
  • In May 2015, AppFolio announced its IPO, landing on Nasdaq on 2015-06-26.
  • In September 2018, AppFolio acquired WegoWise, a utility analysis software.
  • In January 2019, AppFolio acquired Dynasty Marketplace Inc. for $60 million.

AppFolio (APPF) investment:

APPF IPO plans to raise US$80.6 million with an issue price of US$12.0 . It will be listed on Nasdaq on 2015-06-26 .

AppFolio’s investors include BV Capital and IGSB. The company provides software to small and medium property management companies, and also provides legal software to small legal companies under the MyCase brand. Morgan Stanley , Credit Suisse , Pacific Crown Securities and William Blair will be the underwriters of AppFolio’s IPO.

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