South Korean chaebol: LG Group (Luxi Jinxing) LG Corporation

South Korea’s LG Group LG Corporation was founded on January 5, 1947, formerly known as Lucky-GoldStar (Lucky-GoldStar, referred to as LG), is a multinational enterprise group headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, the main business scope includes electronics and communication technology, home appliances and In the three major areas of chemistry, it has 81 group companies, 130 overseas local legal persons, and 213,000 employees. Like Samsung , Pohang Iron and Steel , SK Group , Lotte and Hyundai , it is one of Korea’s big chaebols. South Korea’s LG Group, like Mitsubishi Group and Sumitomo Group , is a holding company. Although it is not listed, it has many listed companies.

LG Corporation

LG Group (Lexi Jinxing) LG Corporation:

LG Group was established on January 5, 1947, the original name was “Luxi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.” (now LG Chem). On October 1, 1958, LG established the “Golden Star Club” (now LG Electronics, also known as LG Electronics, English name: LG Electronics Inc., KSE: 066570, LSE: LGLD), which was later known as “Luxi Group” .

On January 1, 1982, “Luxi Group” was renamed “Lexi Jinxing Group” to include its growing and expanding electronic and electrical sector. In January 1995, LG Group officially adopted the current name “LG”. The two letters of LG are the first letters of “Lucky” and “Goldstar” in the English name “Lucky Goldstar Group” of “Lucky Goldstar Group”.

LG Group is the creator of many “firsts” in the history of Korean corporate development, including: the establishment of Korea’s first chemical industry company “Lexi Chemical Industry”, and the launch of the first cosmetics brand “Lexi Cream”; the first to enter the plastics industry Field; the establishment of Korea’s first electronics industry company “Golden Star Society”; the production of Korea’s first radios, refrigerators, televisions, washing machines and other home appliances; the earliest recruitment of outstanding university graduates from the society; the earliest implementation of corporate disclosure among Korean chaebols; The earliest use of English names among Korean chaebols; the earliest adoption of the holding company system.

LG Electronics Inc., a subsidiary of the LG Group, is responsible for the production of electronic products. Its business can be divided into four divisions-home entertainment, mobile communications, home appliances and air conditioning solutions, and vehicle parts. In 2011, LG Electronics became the world’s second largest TV manufacturer.

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