Special materials company: Carpenter Technology Corporation (CRS) (1889)

Carpenter Technology Corporation (Carpenter Technology Corporation) Carpenter Technology Corporation (NYSE: CRS) was founded on June 1, 1889, headquartered in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, USA, with 4,500 full-time employees. It is a specialty metal alloy manufacturer with The basic raw materials are chromium, nickel and titanium.

Carpenter Technology Corporation

Carpenter Technology Corporation (CRS):

Carpenter Technology Corporation is an international developer, manufacturer and distributor of casting, forging and powder metallurgy special alloys/metals (including super heat-resistant alloys, ultra-high-strength steel and stainless steel) and various product forms of titanium alloys. Carpenter Technology The company is headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania, and has manufacturing and distribution operations in the United States, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Its latest facility is a service center in China.

In addition to the specialized alloy processing business in Reading, Carpenter also acquired Dynamet Incorporated, a titanium alloy producer, located in Washington, Washington, and deployed its tool steel and powder metallurgy operations in the Carpenter Powder Products Division in the 1990s. Powder Products). In January 2011, Carpenter Technology Corporation announced the acquisition of Amega West Services in Houston for USD 54 million. The agreement expands Carpenter’s business in the oil and gas drilling market (Amega West manufactures and services complex drilling components).

About 35% of Carpenter’s revenue comes from abroad, and more than half of its international revenue comes from Europe (56%), 22% from other parts of North America (Mexico 14%, Canada 8%), Asia Pacific 17%, and the rest of the world The other 5%. For the fiscal year ended June 2010, Carpenter Technology’s net sales amounted to US$1.2 billion, of which 54% came from special alloy products (up 3% from the previous year), 33% came from stainless steel (down 1%), and 9% From titanium products (down 1%) and other types 4% (down 1% from the previous year). In terms of industry, aerospace (43% of revenue) and industry (23%) are Carpenter Technology’s largest customers, and their relative importance to the company has not changed between 2009 and 2010. Among other end users ($403.9 million in 2010), the consumer industry (10% of net sales) is the most important, followed by medical (9%) and automotive (8%).

As of 2017, Carpenter Technology is divided into two departments to operate: Specialty Alloys Operations and Performance Engineered Products.

Carpenter Technology Corporation develops, manufactures and distributes cast/forged and powder metal stainless steel and special alloys, including Fe-Ni-Co-based, stainless steel, excellent corrosion resistance and controlled expansion alloys; ultra-high strength and implantable alloys; tool and die steel; And other special metals, and cast/forged titanium alloys.

In addition, Carpenter Technology also produces and leases downhole drilling tools and components for the oil and gas industry.

Carpenter Technology Corporation directly distributes its products through its distribution network and through independent distributors.

Carpenter Technologies provides material solutions for aerospace and defense, energy, transportation, medical and industrial, and consumer industries.

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