Specialty building materials & coatings manufacturer: Grace Building Materials & Packaging GCP Applied Technologies (GCP) (2015)

Grace Construction and packaging company GCP Applied Technologies Inc. (NYSE: GCP ) , founded in 2015, in 2016 from WR Grace & Co. spin-off (WR Grace & Co.) out separately listed and headquartered in Massachusetts, Cambridge, full-time employees With 2,900 employees, it is a global company engaged in the production and sales of special construction chemicals, special building materials, packaging sealants and coatings.

GCP Applied Technologies

Grace Building Materials and Packaging GCP Applied Technologies (GCP):

GCP Applied Technologies (Grace Building Materials and Packaging) is a world-leading supplier of products and technical solutions for customers in the professional construction of chemical, special building materials and packaging sealants and coatings industries. The company’s products help customers improve product performance, increase productivity, or improve production processes to meet the increasing specifications and performance requirements of the industries the company serves. This is also the reason why Grace Building Materials and Packaging have established long-term cooperative relationships with valuable customers.

1. Construction products

Grace Building Materials and Packaging produces special construction chemicals, focusing on the production of cement and concrete products; special building materials, mainly including airtight layers and waterproof layers for commercial, infrastructure and residential construction.

  • No. 1 in the world in the field of cement additives
  • Ranked second in the world in the field of concrete admixtures
  • No. 1 in the world in the field of pre-laid waterproof membranes
  • Is the technology leader in the industry

The company’s construction products include :

  1. Special construction chemicals (SCC): provide products, technologies and services to reduce costs and improve the performance of cement, concrete, mortar, masonry materials and other cement-based admixtures.
  2. Specialty Building Materials (SBM) produces and sells coils, liquid coating systems and other products to provide protection from water, air, water vapor, and fire damage to new and existing buildings. Grace Building Materials and Packaging also produces and sells products and chemical grouts for soil consolidation and leak-proof sealing.

2. Talis packaging technology

Tarex Packaging Technology (Darex) manufactures and sells sealants and coatings for customers and industrial applications to protect the integrity of packaging products, including BPA-free canned coating combinations.

  • #1 canned sealant
  • Leadership in can coatings and sealants
  • As a leader in can packaging innovation for nearly 100 years

The company’s special construction products:

The company’s specialty chemical products:

The company’s packaging products:

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