Specialty pharmaceutical company: Eton Pharmaceutical (ETON)

Eton Pharmaceutical, Inc. (NASDAQ: ETON) was founded in April 2017, formerly a wholly-owned subsidiary of Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., headquartered in Deer Park, Illinois, and has 10 full-time employees (10/18/2018). A specialty pharmaceutical company focusing on the development and commercialization of innovative drugs using the FDA 505(b)(2) regulatory approach.

Eton Pharmaceutical

Eton Pharmaceutical (ETON):

Eton Pharmaceutical, Inc.’s business model is to develop proprietary innovative products to meet the unmet needs of patients. The company has established a diversified pipeline consisting of eight candidate products, which are at different stages of development.

Eton Pharmaceutical’s corporate strategy is to reduce research and development by developing low-risk 505(b)(2) candidate products—with existing published literature, historical clinical trials, or doctors using the safety or efficacy of established molecules—to reduce R&D The time and cost required.

Eton Pharmaceutical focuses on product candidates that have not yet been approved, as well as those that the company believes can provide innovative and proprietary functional advantages for currently available alternatives.

1. Among the three innovative formula products, the company has developed or has a unique formula of approved molecules. The company believes that these products will provide patients and practitioners with significant safety, efficacy or cost-effectiveness. Among them:

  1. EM-100 is an ophthalmic product with a unique preservative-free active ingredient ketotifen preparation, suitable for the treatment of allergic conjunctivitis.
  2. ET-103 is an oral liquid preparation of levothyroxine, widely used in the form of tablets and capsules for the treatment of hypothyroidism.
  3. CT-100-is the company’s patent-pending synthetic adrenocorticotropic hormone treatment candidate drug. It mimics the injectable product HP Acthar Gel. HP Acthar Gel is currently sold at a price of more than $38,000 per bottle and annual sales of more than $1 billion. .

2. Three of the products are currently unapproved (DESI drugs). The company will seek to convert DESI products into officially approved products. Among them:

  1. DS-300-is a patent-pending injectable product candidate for the treatment of nutritional deficiencies.
  2. DS-200-is an injectable product candidate for the treatment of nutritional deficiencies.
  3. DS-100-is an injectable product candidate for the treatment of pain.

3. Eton Pharmaceutical also has 2 early products under development, including:

  1. ET-101-is an innovative oral liquid product used to treat epilepsy.
  2. ET-102-is an innovative oral liquid product, a muscle relaxant used to treat muscle contractions caused by multiple sclerosis.

Eton Pharmaceutical (ETON) investment:

Eton Pharmaceutical, Inc. (NASDAQ:ETON) submitted its IPO prospectus on 8/10/2018, and plans to land on Nasdaq on 10/30/2018 with an issue price of US$6, issue 3 million shares, and raise US$18 million. , Underwritten by National Securities Corporation.

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