Staffing solution provider: GEE Group, Inc. (JOB)

GEE Group, Inc. (AMEX:JOB) was founded in 1893, formerly known as General Employment Enterprises, Inc., changed its current name in July 2016, is headquartered in Naperville, Illinois, USA, and employs 389 full-time employees. It is a company that provides permanent and temporary professional, industrial and medical assistant staffing and placement services in the United States.

GEE Group


GEE Group, Inc. (JOB):

GEE Group Inc. was incorporated in Illinois in 1962 and is a provider of professional staffing solutions. Its predecessor history can be traced back to 1893.

GEE Group Inc. conducts business in two industry sectors, providing professional staffing services and solutions for information technology, engineering, finance and accounting (technology, engineering, finance and accounting), and commercial staffing services (commercial staffing services), Its brands include: General Employment, Access Data Consulting, Agile Resources, Ashley Ellis, Omni-One, Paladin Consulting and Triad.

In addition, GEE Group also provides contract and directly hired professional staffing services through the following SNI brands: Accounting Now®, SNI Technology®, Legal Now®, SNI Financial®, Staffing Now®, SNI Energy® and SNI Certes.

In addition, in the field of healthcare, GEE Group, through its Scribe Solutions brand, provides documents required for patient care related to electronic medical records (EMR) to assist doctors in hospital emergency departments and medical practices.

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