The first Starbucks store was opened in Seattle, Washington, USA in 1971 by three partners. English teacher Jerry Baldwin, a history teacher Zev Siegl, writer Gordon Bowker personally was acquainted gourmet coffee dealers Alfred feet ( Alfred Peet takes coffee beans inspired by) the business of selling Started. Named Starbucks American author Herman Melville whaling ship quad-blood. Initially, he bought coffee beans from Alfred Pitt, but later he bought coffee directly from coffee growers. Starbucks was originally a company selling coffee beans.

1982 was appointed as Sales Director of Starbucks Howard Schultz traveled back to Milan, Italy, and suggested to top management to sell espresso and coffee drinks as well as coffee beans. However, other beverage businesses other than the business of roasting coffee beans were rejected because they did not fit the original business purpose. At the time, coffee was considered to be made at home. In 1984, representatives of the Starbucks chain took over the business of Alfred Pitt, a coffee business teacher and customer.

In 1986, Howard Schulz brewed coffee and made it available to customers to sample for free, and finally found the opportunity to open a coffee shop. In 1987, Howard Schulz bought Starbucks with the help of local investors. Product quality was an important factor in Starbucks’ growth, but even more important is that Starbucks has established itself as the most comfortable place for consumers after home and work. In 1987, Starbucks handed over the chain business to Schulz. Starbucks opened its first stores in Chicago and Vancouver that year. Starbucks has been criticized and attacked by civil activists on issues related to fair trade, labor relations, and environmental impact.

It is the largest coffee shop in the world. The second largest place after Starbucks is British Costa Coffee. It is a company that makes up the Nasdaq 100 Index. The Nasdaq 100 Index is the stock index of 100 leading companies listed on the NASDAQ. As of 2014, there are more than 21,000 stores in 65 countries around the world, and the number of employees is about 180,000. The country with the highest number of stores is the United States (11,190), followed by China (1,496), Canada (1,442), Japan (1,052) and the United Kingdom (772).

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