Swiss Annette Insurance: Allied World Assurance Company (AWH) (2001)

Allied World Assurance Company Holdings, AG (NYSE:AWH) was established in 2001 and is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. It has 1,433 full-time employees and is an international property insurance and disaster insurance company. And reinsurance companies.

Allied World Assurance Company Holdings Logo

Allied World Assurance Company (AWH):

Allied World Assurance Company Holdings provides property, accident, professional insurance and reinsurance solutions through its subsidiaries. Annet Insurance Company is divided into 3 departments to operate: North American Insurance, Global Market Insurance, and Reinsurance. The company’s products and services include:

  1. Allied World Assurance provides a variety of general accident insurance products , including professional accident liability risks, including specialized occupational accident liability insurance, environmental accident liability insurance, product accident liability insurance, health care accident liability insurance and general commercial accident risks. The insurance policy covers directors, employment practice, and trustee liability for accidents.
  2. Provide professional liability insurance for errors and omissions to law firms, technology companies, insurance companies, insurance brokers and municipal governments.
  3. There is also major and excess accident liability insurance, other accident insurance for the health care industry, and comprehensive insurance for contractors and employees.
  4. The company’s accident insurance products also include liability risks for complex accidents in various industries, including engineering construction, real estate, public agencies, retailers, manufacturing, transportation, financial and insurance services.
  5. Allied World Assurance also provides property insurance, mainly for the risks of the external body of the property and business interruption, and inland transportation.
  6. In addition, Annet Insurance Company also provides aviation insurance products to airlines, aviation industry, and general aviation-level businesses.
  7. Maritime products cover all kinds of cargo transportation, medium and short-term trade credit insurance, etc.
  8. In addition, Annet Insurance Company also provides reinsurance products and services for specialized occupational accident liability, professional accidents, property, accident and health, shipping, aviation and agricultural risks.
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