Telecommunication equipment company: TESSCO Technologies (TESS) (1982)

TESSCO Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: TESS) was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland, USA. It has 768 full-time employees. It is a wireless communication product manufacturer. Its main products include broadband equipment, Wireless local area network equipment, antennas, transmission lines, filters, base station equipment, etc.

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TESSCO Technologies: TESSCO Technologies:

Tesco Technologies was established in the United States and provided products and value chain solutions to support wireless communication systems. The products provided by the company mainly include:

  • TESSCO provides base station infrastructure products, including: base station antennas, cables and transmission lines, signal towers, lightning protection devices, connectors, power systems, chassis grounding, jumpers, miscellaneous hardware products, as well as mobile antenna construction, maintenance and upgrading wireless Broadband system
  • Connector installation, customized jumper components, on-site kits, and integrated logistics services;
  • Network systems, such as: fixed and mobile broadband wireless equipment, wireless network filtering and distributed antenna systems, two-way radios, and security monitoring products to create and upgrade public and private wireless broadband networks;
  • Training courses, technical support and engineering design services;
  • Analyzing instruments, tools, hardware, global positioning system, safety, alternative products, component parts and consumables, as well as the installation, adjustment and maintenance of wireless communication equipment of various frequency, voltage and power measurement devices;
  • Mobile devices and ancillary products, such as mobile phones and smart phones, and data device accessories include replacement batteries, cases, screen protectors, speakers, power amplifier phones, power supplies, Bluetooth and wired headsets, brackets, car antennas, music accessories, and data and storage card.

Tesco technology company TESSCO through operators, public network operators, base station companies, project managers, contractors and integrators, wireless Internet service providers, industry and enterprise self-maintenance users, governments, equipment manufacturers, value-added service provision Retailers, flagship retail stores and local retailers sell products under its 3 brands: Ventev, Wireless Solutions and TerraWave.

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