Telecommunications company: General Communication (GNCMA) (1979)

General Communication, Inc. (NASDAQ: GNCMA) was founded in 1979 by Ron Duncan and Bob Walp. It is headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, USA, and employs 2,370 full-time employees. It is a major Alaskan cable TV and network service.

General Communication GCI Logo

General Communication (GNCMA):

General Communication, Inc. (GCI) is a telecommunications company operating in Alaska. Through its own facilities and agreements with other providers, GCI provides cable TV services, Internet access, cable (network) and cellular phone services.

General Communications is divided into two divisions to operate: wireless (Wireless) and wired (Wireline).

  1. Wireless -Provide wireless services and product wholesale to access the company’s network and conduct network transmission. The department sells its products through direct contact with marketing.
  2. Wireline -provides a range of retail wireless, data, video and voice services to residential customers; provides retail wireless, data, video and voice services to businesses, government entities and educational institutions; wholesales data and voice services to public operator customers, and Advertising services on its radio and television stations and cable networks. The department also provides hosted broadband services to rural schools and health organizations, including the Internet, data networks, and management services; and provides voice services to residential and commercial customers mainly in rural communities in southwest Alaska. The cable sector sells its services through call centers, direct mail and television advertising, Internet and local media advertising, and retail stores.

General Communication, Inc. also sells wireless handheld devices to retail customers.

As of December 31, 2015, General Communications had 227,800 wireless users, 140,000 cable modem users (broadband users), and 133,000 basic video users.

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