The earliest industry fund: Adams Natural Resources Fund, Inc. (PEO) (1929)

Adams Natural Resources Fund, Inc. (NYSE: PEO) was established in January 1929, formerly known as Petroleum & Resources Corporation (Petroleum & Resources Corporation), headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, and established in Boston, Massachusetts The office is a public investment manager company.

Adams Natural Resources Fund

Adams Natural Resources Fund, Inc. (PEO):

Adams Natural Resources Fund Company (NYSE: PEO) is a closed-end investment company that specializes in the securities of companies that are engaged in oil, natural resources or related industries or have interests in oil or natural resources. The company has always owned shares of the oil company representing the group. In recent years, realized capital gains accounted for most of the distribution. Almost all net investment income and all capital gains have been distributed. Shareholders can choose to obtain capital gains distribution and year-end dividends from cash or stock investment income.

Adams Natural Resources Fund invests in global public stock markets. It invests in the stocks of all market capitalization companies operating in the energy and natural resources sectors, including oil companies, exploration and production, utilities, services, and basic materials.

Adams Natural Resources Fund Company uses a bottom-up stock selection method for basic analysis, while focusing on income growth prospects, defendable market position, market competition, macroeconomic background, cash flow generation, valuation, capital allocation, and return on capital , Milestones and catalysts, and “cycle” identification to make investments.

Adams Natural Resources Fund uses a comprehensive index composed of 80% of the Dow Jones Oil and Gas Index and 20% of the Dow Jones Basic Materials Index to measure its investment performance.

Adams Natural Resources Fund, Inc. (PEO) History:

Petroleum & Resources Corporation (Petroleum & Resources Corporation) began trading on the New York Stock Exchange in January 1929, with a focus on investing primarily in energy and natural resources. Over time, the composition of the investment portfolio has changed to reflect the changing dynamics of the global energy and natural resource markets. Today, they define their fund as an “energy and basic materials” fund. Although considerable progress has been made in the development and commercialization of non-petroleum energy sources, petroleum is still the fuel that drives the development of the energy industry and the main foundation of the investment portfolio. As a result, the fund has diversified investments in multinational companies and suppliers of exploration, equipment and services, all of which are related to oil. However, they are always looking for companies that have the potential to provide viable forms of alternative energy, and when appropriate, invest in companies engaged in coal, nuclear and hydroelectric power generation. In addition, they also invest in various basic materials, including coal, precious metals and industrial metals, aggregates and chemicals.

Mark Stoeckle, the fund’s chief portfolio manager, succeeded Douglas Ober as the group chief executive on February 11, 2013. Mr. Stoeckle has more than 30 years of experience in financial services and asset management. Since July 2009, President Nancy Prue has been a member of the portfolio management team, and Executive Vice President James Haynie joined the team in August 2013. They are supported by a group of research analysts who seek to provide long-term investment and regular income growth at reasonable prices.

Petroleum & Resources has been trading on the New York Stock Exchange since January 1929, and has been paying dividends continuously since 1934. The fund is widely regarded as one of the first “industry funds” traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Adams Natural Resources Fund, Inc. (PEO) investment:

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